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Canoe - Lom & Skjåk Adventure

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In harmony with nature. The canoe is the perfect way of experience our beautiful lanscapes in harmony with nature.
While quietly paddling your canoe, you get in touch with the wildlife and nature along the rivers and lakes, in a way only possible from a canoe. As you move silent on the water you get the chance to see some of Norways fauna, that may otherwise be startled by your presence.
Discover new places, and see our valley from the "river-perspective". Canoeing can be both activity and relaxation, be surrounded by your friends and family in an easy-going atmosphere, but at the same time new adventures waits aroundd the next corner. Explore the quiet lakes and the slow rivers or try on some steep ones with rapids and speed.

We provide you with a basic lecture in paddling technique, and of course a life jacket.
If you want to paddle faster rivers, you also will be equipped with wetsuits and hemets. You will also recieve a thorough lesson on river-safety.

We offer canoeing accompanied with professional guides, or you may rent your own canoe and go exploring on your own.


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Canoe - Lom & Skjåk Adventure

Canoe - Lom & Skjåk Adventure

In harmony with nature. The canoe is the perfect way of experience our beautiful lanscapes in harmony with nature. While quietly paddling your canoe,...

Canoe - Lom & Skjåk Adventure

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