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Kvinnafossen Photo: Leiv Bergum
Kvinnafossen Photo: Leiv Bergum

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Kvinnafossen falls 120 metres and is situated right beside the main road between Leikanger and Hella. During the spring thaw, the spray from the waterfall reaches across the road.
When the snow melting is at its maximum strength you must be prepared to drive through an almost impenetrable cascade of water when passing the waterfall of Kvinnafossen. This waterfall is situated a few kilometres from Hella on the road to Leikanger and Sogndal.

According to legend, it is possible to see a rock formation in the shape of a woman when the flow of water in the river is just right (the word "kvinne" in Norwegian means woman). For this reason passing cruise liners used to go close to land to observe this phenomenon.

Another story says that the waterfall got its name after a woman who fell into the water and lost her life.

A third version is that the name has nothing to do with woman at all, but comes from the whining and howling sounds of the waterfall when the flow of water is big enough. However, we cannot be sure whether these sounds are an expression of sheer spring joy or violent fury.

Close to the waterfall it is possible to park your car if you want to stop to take pictures or simply to get a quick, refreshing shower for free.

Along the road between Leikanger and Hella you may observe some strange wooden structures down by the fjord. These were previously used as observation posts for catching wild salmon in nets, and they are a testimony of the times when salmon fishing was a welcome supplementary source of income for the farmers along the Sognefjord.


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Kvinnafossen - Photo: Leiv Bergum


Kvinnafossen falls 120 metres and is situated right beside the main road between Leikanger and Hella. During the spring thaw, the spray from the...


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