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Touring by car/bus

Touring by car/bus Photo: ALR Touring by car/bus Photo: ALR Touring by car/bus Photo: F. Loftesnes
Touring by car/bus Photo: ALR
Touring by car/bus Photo: ALR
Touring by car/bus Photo: F. Loftesnes

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Tour 1
Borgund - Borlaug - Tyin - Årdal - Vettisfossen - Lærdal - Borgund
Start your day-trip with a visit to the Borgund Stave Church from 1180 AD; the best preserved stave church in Norway. Season: 02.05 - 30.09. Drive along the E16 direction Oslo past Borlaug and ascend Filefjell mountain until you reach Tyinkrysset. At Tyinkrysset you continue towards Øvre Årdal (road 53). You are now at approx 1300 metres above sea level, and will get beautiful views of lake Tyin and the Jotunheimen mountain range. After a steep descent you reach Øvre Årdal where we recommend you to take time for a walk to the famous Vetti waterfall which - at 275 m - is Northern Europe's highest free - fall waterfall (it takes approx. 1 hour to walk from Hjelle in Årdal to Vetti Gard Farm, and a further 30 minutes along the trail to the waterfall).
From Årdal you continue towards Lærdal where we recommend a visit to the Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre with live salmon, awarded film, nature path and interesting exhibitions. Season 01.05 - 01.10. and to the old village centre of Lærdalsøyri with shops and galleries. Return to Borgund along the Lærdal River.
Approx. 169 km

Tour 2
Flåm/Aurland - Lærdal-Sogndal-Luster-Turtagrø-Årdal-Lærdal- Aurland/Flåm
From Flåm/Aurland to Lærdal and Fodnes (Lærdalstunnelen or Snowroad) cross the Fjord to Mannheller (10 minutes) Go on direction Sogndal, turn right towards Luster Road 55.
Detour: Solvorn - Historical Hotel and Gallery .Carferry to Urnes Stave Church (on UNESCO's World heritage list).
Continue to Gaupne and Road 604 to Jostedalen Glacier Centre at the Nigard Glacier. The center shows exhibitions on natural and cultural history. Glacier hikes. Return to Gaupne and follow Road 55 along the Lusterfjord to Skjolden from where you climb the steep hairpin-bends of Sognefjellsvegen road to Turtagrø approx. 1000 metres a.s.l. From Turtagrø you descent down to Årdal passing Hurrungane mountain and Store Skagastøltind. From Årdal continue to Lærdal-Aurland/Flåm.
Approx. 350 km.

Tour 3
Lærdal - Borlaug - Hemsedal - Gol - Aurland - Lærdal
From Lærdal drive road E16 through the beautiful Lærdal valley direction Oslo passing the Borgund Stave Church (season 01.05 - 30.09) and the old Kings Roads near the church. At Borlaug crossroads you choose direction Hemsedal (road 52) crossing the Hemsedal Mountain. From Hemsedal you continue towards Gol (regional centre - shopping). From Gol turn direction Hol/ Aurland (road 50) drive along lovely scenery with lakes and snow-capped mountains. In Aurland we recommend a visit to gothic Vangen church from 1202 and the Vinjum art gallery. From Aurland back to Lærdal you can either choose to drive the Snow Road (1300 m above sea-level) with its many fantastic viewpoints and snow along the road most of the summer, or the new Lærdal tunnel - the world's longest road tunnel.
Approx. 312 km

Tour 4
Lærdal - Gudvangen (carferry) Vinje - Vik - Hella - Sogndal - Lærdal
Depart on a three hour long beautiful ferry ride from Lærdal to Gudvangen (season: May - September - 4 departures daily) through the dramatic scenery of the Nærøyfjord. From Gudvangen you drive via the Stalheim hotel and the famous hairpin bends of the Stalheimskleiva road to Vinje and from there across Vikafjell Mountain with impressive mountain scenery. Visit the Hopperstad Stave Church (season 18.05 - 16.09) at Vik. From Vik you drive to Vangsnes. Carferry Vangsnes - Hella (ferrydep. every 45 minutes). Continue along the Sognefjord via Sogndal and the Sogn Folk- museum (season: 01.05 - 30.09) to Mannheller from where you take the ferry across the fjord to Fodnes (ferry dep. every half hour). Continue to Lærdal.
Approx. 142 km

Aurland - Voss - Eidfjord - Geilo - Aurland
Drive E16 direction Bergen, the twisting Stalheimskleivi road to Stalheim viewpoint, stop at Tvinde Waterfall and on to Voss. (Museum/activities). Follow road 13 down to the Hardanger Fjord to Granvin and Bruravik. Carferry to Brimnes. (10 min.) Road 7 to Eidfjord -visit Hardangervidda Nature Center, continue up the Måbødalen Valley, see the Vøringsfossen (Waterfall) and the Hardangervidda Mountainplateau. Geilo (wellknown wintersport resort) to Hagafoss. Turn left by Hagafoss to Road 50 westwards direction Aurland. Aurlandsdalen valley with many marked hiking trails, cosy Mountain lodges. Låvisberget viewpoint and down to Aurland/ Flåm - Sognefjord.
Approx. 330 km.

Tour 6
Aurland/Flåm - Vinje -Vangsnes - Kaupanger -Gudvangen - Flåm/Aurland
Start E16 direction Voss, after Flåm and the Langhuso tunnel - detour to the unique settlement Undredal. Here you find the smallest church in Scandinavia, a stave church dating from 1147. Next to the road: goat -farms.
Back to the E16 to Gudvangen, Stalheimskleivi and Vinje. Road 13 direction Sognefjord and the mountainroad Vikafjellet. Enjoy the view overlooking the Sognefjord and the Jostedal Glacier in the distance. Vik (Hopperstad Stave Church) and Vangsnes. At Vangsnes you'll se the statue of Fridtjov, a landmark which rises 27 metres.This was a gift from Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1913. Carferry across the Fjord to Hella (15 min.) Drive along the Sognefjord where you pass several charming villages - a fruit and berry cultivating district. Sogndal is an education- and trade centre. After Sogndal "The Heiberg Collection/Sogn Folkmuseum with Open air Museum. Continue to Kaupanger. Sogn Fjordmuseum is a modern Boatmuseum situated directly by Kaupanger ferry-quay. From here car ferry through the Nærøyfjord to Gudvangen. (2 hours) and E16 direction Flåm/Aurland. Approx. 200 km.

Tour 7
Aurland - Lærdal - Fjærland -Moskog - Dragsvik - Lærdal - Aurland
Start on "The Snowroad" over the mountain to Lærdal. Stroll around at old Lærdalsøyri with its 160 protected old wooden buildings, artist shop, galleries and museum. Continue to Fodnes. Carferry to Mannheller (10 minutes). Continue to Sogndal and Road 5 to Fjærland. In Fjærland you can see the Jostedal Glacier from the carroad. You will also find "The Norwegian Glacier Museum" about ice, glaciers and landscape, and "The Norwegian Booktown" offering a wide variety of second-hand books. (The only one in Norway). Option: Carferry to Vangsnes and Vikafjell Mountain back to Flåm/Aurland.
From Fjærland drive on direction Skei. At Kjøsnes turn right to drive on the south side of Jølstravatnet Lake. Visit Astruptunet gallery. From Moskog Road 13 Gaularfjell Mountainroad with spectacular view down to Vetlefjord. Further on to Dragsvik. 10 km to Balestrand, art village, art workshop, Aquarium. Back to Dragsvik.
Car ferry to Hella (10 minutes). Along the Sognefjord to Mannheller. Car ferry to Fodnes. E16 to Håbakken and through the world's longest tunnel (Lærdalstunnelen) to Aurland/Flåm/Gudvangen. Approx. 235 km
Option: From Fjærland car ferry to Vangsnes and Vikafjell Mountain back to Flåm/Aurland.

Tour 8.
Lærdal - Flåm - Aurland - Lærdal
Take the exciting Snowroad over the mountain to Aurland with spectacular views and snow next to the road even during summer. In Aurland you can visit the gothic Vangen Church (Built in 1202), see the various exhibitions in Heradshuset (the same building as the Touristinformation). Here you can also find Aurland Knitting Design next to the bank. In Aurland there are several shops, included a factory where the well known Aurland Shoe is made and sold.
Continue to Flåm, where you find the famous Flåm Railway, one of the steepest railways in the world passing through breathtaking nature. Flåm Railway museum is situated in the old station building. You return to Lærdal via Aurland through the longest roadtunnel in the world; The Lærdal tunnel. Approx. 100 km.

Alternative routes

You start in the city of Bergen.
On your way to Gudvangen, you detour up to the Stalheim hotel, where the old road takes you down the steep and narrow hairpin bends. In Gudvangen you can take the carferry on the Nærøyfjord to Kaupanger or Lærdal, or you can drive to Flåm and Aurland.


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Touring by car/bus - Photo: ALR

Touring by car/bus

TOURING BY CAR - DAYTRIPS Tour 1 Borgund - Borlaug - Tyin - Årdal - Vettisfossen - Lærdal - Borgund Start your day-trip with a visit to the Borgund...

Touring by car/bus

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