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Ola Rasmussen Skjåk Teigeroen was born on Nigard Skjåk in 1744 and lived until 1803. While he was growing up the Skjåk church was built and decorated, something which probably inspired him. Skjåk-Ola is considered one of the finest and most original wood carvers in Gudbrandsdalen. He is especially well known for his living-room interiors, among which are magnificent cupboards. His works are characterized by distinguished proportions and a lively, broad and versatile achantus carving. There is one cupboard made by him at Maihaugen in Lillehammer, one in the Museum of Applied Arts and Crafts in Oslo, theree in the Norwegian Folk Museum in Oslo, an two in his native district of Skjåk. At Uppigard Skjåk we find the only existing living-room interior made by him. There is a memorial of Skjåk-Ola made by a local wood carver, Asbjørn Øyberg, in the centre of Skjåk, Bismo.


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Ola Rasmussen Skjåk Teigeroen was born on Nigard Skjåk in 1744 and lived until 1803. While he was growing up the Skjåk church was built and decorated,...


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