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Reindeer hunting

Reindeer hunting Photo: Per Dagsgard
Reindeer hunting Photo: Per Dagsgard

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At Grotli Mountain Hotell there is constructed a culture path, the theme of which is reindeer hunting. The path is about 2 kilometers long and is an easy walk. There is not found any certain evidence of human activity in Skjåk before the Late Stone Age, but a few finds of flint and quartzite may be the Early Stone Age origin. Even so, there is reason to believe that hunters didn’t come here until after the withdrawal of iceat the end of the last Ice Age. Tere are many reindeer pitfalls, bow positions and “innsmogo” to be found in Skjåk mountains, but they are not easily spotted. Here, during your walk along this culture path, you will see copies, all of which have been reconstructed tin their original forms and layouts. First you come to a cross in section of a reindeer pitfall. There were often fences leading the animals towars the pitfalls. The hunters chased the reindeer towards the pitfalls and killed them there. The drawings on the information board where the path starts show how such hunting was organized. If you move on from there you come to a bow position. Here the hunters hid to loosen their shafts at the oncoming reindeers. The next stop is an innsmogo which is a natural resting place and shelter for the hunter. At the end of the path there is a årehus, which means a house with an open heart, where you can enjoy your packed lunch.


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Reindeer hunting - Photo: Per Dagsgard

Reindeer hunting

At Grotli Mountain Hotell there is constructed a culture path, the theme of which is reindeer hunting. The path is about 2 kilometers long and is an...

Reindeer hunting

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