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Tops in Nesbyen

Tops in Nesbyen Photo: Tore Haraldset Read more: hallingnatten
Tops in Nesbyen Photo: Tore Haraldset
Read more: hallingnatten

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These are 12 mountain tops in Nesbyen with different starting points. The mountain tops can be climbed on skis or with hiking boots both in the winter and the summer. All the hikes that start off in the mountains should be manageable for most and go through pretty easy terrain.

We recommend the hiking maps Turkart Nesbyen 1:50.000 or Nes Nordmark 1:35.000.

Trommenatten (1175 masl.) is a small mountain with a big rock beacon in Nes Sørmark. In the winter, it’s about a 2 hour trip from Liaset or Fekjan, a bit less from Nystølen or Bøgaset. There are self-service toll bars on the road to all these places. You can also start off from the alpine centre at Natten. Go to the top of the ski lift, and the terrain is easy from there on. In the summer, there’s a great hiking trail to Trommenatten from Bøgaset.

Åkrefjell (1209 masl.) is in the northwest of Nes Sørmark. This is a popular skiing area in the winter, but it’s great in the summer too. There’s a dirt road and a nice trail from Nystølen and Timmermannsstølen and up to the top. There’s a trail from Liaset as well. The trip from Liaset takes about 2 hours in the summer and just over an hour in the winter.

Storevarden (1232 masl.) is a rock beacon that marks the boarder of Nes municipality situated in the middle of the largest high mountain area in the municipality, on the boarder to Nore og Uvdal. The top is quite far away from any car roads and might be easier to reach in the winter. There’s no market track to the top, but you’ll get pretty close by following the Mikkelsplassløypa from Liaset or the other tracks from Nystølen, Bøgaset or Fekjan app 10 km, the last two using a map.

Hallingnatten (1314 masl.) is the highest peak in the municipality and a popular destination. Several tracks and trail from several starting points. In the summer, it’s great to start off from Fekjan, Imle, Gørbu or Buvassli. You might be able to go further in the winter, in which case you can follow the Mikkelsplassløypa from Liaset, which runs over the top and further on to Flenten, or start off at Nystølen, Bøgaset or Natten. The total distance is about the same from all starting points, 14-15 km.

Beia (1081 masl.) is the most prominent mountain area in Nes and offers great views of the valley. It’s a 3 or 4 hour hike on a T-marked trail from Nesbyen. It might be easier to follow the ridge to the top from Leirtjern. If you like steep terrain, Bjødnaskaret may be a good starting point. You could also hike to the top from the south. Drive the Fekjan road to Saupeset and hike for about an hour (Toll bar at Sanden).

Dyna (1212 masl.) is the highest mountain top in this mountain area. The rock beacon here marks the boarder to Ål municipality. In the winter, there are marked tracks from Grønhovd, Fagerhøy Fjellstue and Ranten hotell (app. 8 km). You can also get to the top in the summer from the same starting points. Then the trail runs through Steinstølene in Ål. You can also hike to the top from Ål, in which case the hike is a bit shorter. If you want a longer ski trip, we recommend a round trip from Ranten/Grønhovd via Såtenatten and Dyna, app.25 km.

Såtenatten (1137 masl.) is a boarder beacon between Nes and Ål and Nore og Uvdal. In the winter there are several marked tracks, the most popular starting point is Grønhovd, app,7-8 km. There are also tracks that run from Lyseren, Bruset and from Tunhovdsiden. You can get to the top in the summer by starting off from Såtestølen or the summer farm areas on Tunhovdsiden. Long ski trip: Grønhovd-Såtenatten-Dyna-Grønhovd, app. 25 km.

Klevarudnatten (808 masl.) is one of the tops used in the first geographical survey of the valley. There’s a large wooden tower on the top used at the time. There is one tower for the surveyor and an inner tower for the scope. The tower has not been safe for a long time. The shortest route to the top runs from the nature trail at Trytetjern, about a 1 hour hike. Or would you like to go the hard way from the residential areas?

Vardefjell Vardefjell (1182 masl.) is the best known mountain in Nes Østmark. The top is near the boarder to Gol and Valdres. The usual route in the winter is Buvasstølan via Valdresli, or from Langevassenden, up the hills land east of Storeli. Somewhat steep hills, but otherwise great cross-country terrain. In the summer, you can follow several trails. Check out your map.

Blåfjell (1154 masl.) is the highest top in Liemarka. The top is easily accessible both in the summer and the winter. There’s a marked trailed (yellow markings) from Dyplien. There are two routes, making a round trip of app. 8 km possible. There are usually good ski tracks from Dyplien, but if you want a longer trip, there are also tracks from Veneli and Domfet in Flåsiden and from Langevatn in Nes Østmark. There’s a great views of parts of Vassfaret from Blåfjell.

Strøslifjellet (1107 masl.) is close to Vassfaret and right next to Bringen. The view from the top is well worth a visit! The best way to conquer the mountain in the winter, is to approach from Northern Lake Oddevatnet. The terrain from the water to above the tree line can be a bit difficult in places. You can get to N. Oddevatnet: - Nes Østmark: Langevatn – Elomstjern – Brenthol – Oddevatnet. - From Tomarka: Lyseren/Syningset – Brenthol – Oddevatnet. - From Liemarka: Dyplien – Sandvatnet – Oddevatnet. In the summer, you can follow trails and roads pretty close to the mountain. Pretty easy ascent through the birch woods from Skardtjern.

The top hiking trips are part of a leaflet distributed by the orientation group in Nesbyen sports club (IL). The leaflet is part of an activity programme where you visit12 selected mountain tops in different mountain terrain in Nes. The leaflet plus a punch-card costs NKR 50 and is available at the tourist information. The price includes a participant badge which you get when you’re done and have sent in the punch card.


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Tops in Nesbyen - Photo: Tore Haraldset

Tops in Nesbyen

These are 12 mountain tops in Nesbyen with different starting points. The mountain tops can be climbed on skis or with hiking boots both in the winter...

Tops in Nesbyen

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