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Rupheim-Skogo-Skoganipa Photo: Luster Reiselivslag
Rupheim-Skogo-Skoganipa Photo: Luster Reiselivslag

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Map (turkart): Sogndal - Leikanger

The mountain area north of the Hafslovatnet lake offers many lovely walks, both in summer and, not least, in winter. We have chosen to describe one of the finest of these - the walk to Skoganipa, 1255m above sea level.

The starting point is the toll road at Rupheim where one can park at the roadside. Remember that lorries use the road, so you must leave them room to pass. The road continues as a private track asfar as the summer farms of Fossen and Skogo. From Skogo you can go round the south side of Skoganipa and then turn northwest to go on to the top itself. Alternatively, you can continue on the west side of Skoganipa to the Hongi seter and so reach the top of Skoganipa from the north.

This is a walk to suit the whole family. The paths are very good and the climbs are moderate. From Skoganipa you can either return by the same route or possibly continue to Grønndalseggi, 984m above sea level, and come down to the road at Bersetno.


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Rupheim-Skogo-Skoganipa - Photo: Luster Reiselivslag


Map (turkart): Sogndal - Leikanger The mountain area north of the Hafslovatnet lake offers many lovely walks, both in summer and, not least, in winter...


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