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Tracks Bergsjø area / Leveldåsen Ål in Hallingdal

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Bergsjø area
Treat yourself to fantastic experiences in one of Norways most beautiful mountain areas - Bergsjø. Climbing Reineskarvet might be hard but the view from the top will take your breath away.

Watch cross country film from Ål.

The terrain is slightly hilly. On very windy days, you are advised to ski in the forest rather than the mountains. Indeed, some of the forest routes are known as ‘bad weather tracks'.
See when the tracks last were prepared.

There is a network of tracks from Bergsjø to Hevjanåsen and Ål ski centre at the south side. At west you can follow the tracks to Iungsdalshytta and Myrland, wich is a DNT (The Norwegian Tourist association) marked route. 

With Leveldåsen as a starting point you have well-developed networks of trails close to the majestically peaks in the mountains of Ål.

To the west the slopes stretches inwards towards the bare mountain Reineskarvet og Bergsjøområdet.
On a day with bad weather the tracks that goes in easterly direction against Votndalsåsen and Liatoppen ski centre and Torpo-Oppheimsåsen a good alternative.

The route from Myrland via Bergsjø to Votndalsåsen and on to Torpoåsen is known as the northern Hallingdal route.

Kiosk/ cafe
At Reine you can visit the kiosk that belongs to the local man from Leveld, Hermund Dokk. You can buy refreshments, waffles, coffee and cocoa. A nice day trip for children and adults. About 7 km to the kiosk from Bergsjø or Randen. The kiosk is open every day from the winter holiday until easter.

Recomended parking
Bergsjøområdet: Slakteplassen or Bergsjøtoppen. Parkingfee for day parking.
Leveldåsen: Randan. Free dayparking. It is toll road on the mountain road to Nysetlia.
For more information regarding payment, you find this by the toll road. There is often a parking fee on the parking spots in the mountain during winter season.

Reineskarvet 1:50 000
Skarvheimen 1:50 000


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Tracks Bergsjø area / Leveldåsen Ål in Hallingdal

Bergsjø area Treat yourself to fantastic experiences in one of Norways most beautiful mountain areas - Bergsjø. Climbing Reineskarvet might be hard but...

Tracks Bergsjø area / Leveldåsen Ål in Hallingdal

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