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Gamle Fredrikstad

Oldtidsruta (Ancient monuments)

Oldtidsruta (Ancient monuments) Photo: Christoffer Andersen Oldtidsruta (Ancient monuments) Photo: Terje Rakke Oldtidsruta (Ancient monuments) Photo: Fredrikstad Kommune
Oldtidsruta (Ancient monuments) Photo: Christoffer Andersen
Oldtidsruta (Ancient monuments) Photo: Terje Rakke
Oldtidsruta (Ancient monuments) Photo: Fredrikstad Kommune
Norway's most concentrated collection of cultural monuments from the Bronze and Iron age.

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By driving along highway 110, you will find many cultural and historical monuments dating back to the Bronze and Iron Age. From Skjeberg in the south, via Fredrikstad in the west, up to Hafslund, Sarpsborg in the north and Solbergkrysset on the E6, there are many such monuments.

The historical round trip will show you ancient burial mounds, large rocks spread into rings, ancient refuges and monumental rock carvings depicting
our ancestors' way of life and religious beliefs.

To get the most out of your trip, we recommend purchasing the guide book Solskip og Stjerneguder - en rundreise i Østfolds bronsealder". The book goes into detail about the whole route and explains, describes and tells about exciting stories from these periods. The book can be purchased at all the tourist offices in Østfold and at many museums and book stores.

At Solberg you will see many rock carvings depicting the creation of the Nordic religion from the Bronze Age. Here you will see four wheeled carry wagons, both a large and small tree, dreadful Gods, sun pictures and more. The field is situated along the highway and is easily accessible.

Follow the small path through the forest to see a sight of the 22 beautiful sun ships that are travelling through the sky to meet the Sun god. This rock carving site is from the early Bronze Age peiod and shows the most important symbol from that time, the ship.

Storedal kultursenter (culture centre)
A few kilometres from the highway you will find the sound sculpture "Ode til lyset" by Arnold Haukeland and music by Arne Nordheim. The site also has an amphitheatre, a study garden and a rock carving exhibition for the blind.

The steep field at Gunnarstorp is full of burial monuments from the Iron Age. A 3 metre high and 30 metre wide burial mound from the later Bronze Age period, probably more than 3000 years old, triumphs on top of the field. Further on into the forest you will find some large rock statues placed in a circle.

Steinringfeltet at Hunn (stone rings)
Many people see this as the most spectacular cultural monument on the route. Here you will find a number of graves from the Iron Age, consisting of large stone blocks placed in rings. You will also find some smaller graves and burial mounds scattered over a large area, creating a very special atmosphere.

At Ravneberg you will find many early houses, dating back to 400 AD. Walk up to the top of the stone ring field, following the path to the left up the terrain until you reach the top of Hunnfjellet (mountain). The mass grave field at Hunn There are mass graves from both the early and later stages of the Iron Age here. A large amount of findings made by archaeologists have been made here. Through the area is a cave passage, several thousands of years old. On the map it is shown as a deep ditch.

Begby (Gullskår and Skolefeltet)
Here you will 2 large, great rock carving fields from the early stages of the Bronze Age. There are various motives, including a ship shaped like an animal, wagons, sun symbols and people. You will find two of the most remarkable rock carvings here; Begbymannen and Danseren.

Opstadfeltet (The field at Opstad)
This is a large stone ring field from the Iron Age. Here you will find stone remains of a street parade. The field has recently been examined by archaeologists. From the field, you can take a short cut to Kalnes agriculture school and take a look at the beautiful rock carvings situated right by it.

On the field outside Hafslund Manor Park you will find a small island with many rock carvings. The motives span from ships, to foot traces and sun symbols. Back in the park you will see large burial mounds from the Iron Age.

This is one of Northern Europe's largest single standing rock carving. It is a large and beautiful ship depiciting two twin Gods with raised axes looking into the horizon. The ship is 4,5 metres long and is carved vertically in a small grove in the forest.


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Oldtidsruta (Ancient monuments) - Photo: Christoffer Andersen

Oldtidsruta (Ancient monuments)

By driving along highway 110, you will find many cultural and historical monuments dating back to the Bronze and Iron Age. From Skjeberg in the south,...

Oldtidsruta (Ancient monuments)

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