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Hegge Stave Church

Read more: Hegge Stavkirke
Read more: Hegge Stavkirke

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Hegge Stave Church is featuring eight free-standing columns inside.

The church was probably built around 1216, but the baptismal font dates back to the 1100s.

The church was referred to in writing in 1327. Several reconstructions have taken plase, and major work was carried out in 1844.

The top ends of the columns (today in the church loft) are decorated with faces. One of these has only one eye, and bears a resemblance of Odin. Are these faces of pagan gods who, as a punishment for the terrible life they led, were condemned to carry the weight of the roof forever?

Hegge Stave Church features two carved medieval portals. The Romansque soapstone font is probably from araund 1250.

The alterpiece, dating back to 1782, has its own special history. Four men from Hegge were in Gudbrandsdalen to trade livestock, but in the mountains they got caught up in a storm. They promised God that if thye were to return home alive, each of them would donate the value of a cow to Hegge Church.

They kept their promise, ordered and paid for the altarpiece in Gudbrandsdalen and brought it home on a sledge.


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Hegge Stave Church

Hegge Stave Church

Hegge Stave Church is featuring eight free-standing columns inside. The church was probably built around 1216, but the baptismal font dates back to t...

Hegge Stave Church

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