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Hadeland to Mjøsa - Along the Pilgrim´s Trail

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The 640 km long Pilgrims' Way runs from Oslo to Nidaros. When Olav the Sacred died at the Battle of Stiklestad in 1030, he was made the patron saint of Norway. His reputation extended far beyond the country's borders. In medieval times, Olav the Sacred lay buried in Nidaros, which, together with Jerusalem, Rome and Santiago de Compostela, was among the most popular places of pilgrimage in Europe. The route leads through built-up areas, cultural landscapes, narrow valleys, peaceful forests and open mountain terrain. Along the way you can enjoy sites of historical interest as well as national cultural heritage. Pilgrimage Centres in Oslo and at Granavollen, Domkirkeodden, Dale-Gudbrand's Farm and Dovre provide important information, offer guided walks and add an historical dimension to the pilgrimage experience.
Enjoy a walk without guide - and get your luggage sent on! This trip offers hiking through peaceful countryside, abundant in natural and cultural history. With the luggage transfer service, you can walk without guide and all you have to carry is a small backpack with extra clothing and a packed lunch for the day.
Hike along the Pilgrims' Way across Hadeland to Mjøsa. Bønsnes by Tyrifjorden - Granavollen - Skibladner from Gjøvik - Domkirkeodden at Hamar - Lillehammer. Starting point is Bønsnes at Ringerike, which is where Olav the Sacred, the patron saint of Norway, spent his childhood years. The route runs via Granavollen at Hadeland, and then on to Gjøvik. You will then be transported to Hamar and the cathedral ruins at Domkirkeodden by Skibladner, Norway's oldest paddle steamer. Most of the hike follows old routes with gentle terrain, and leads through thriving villages and a lush cultural landscape with an abundance of heritage sites. As part of the package, you will visit the Pilgrim Centres of Granavollen and Domkirkeodden. You stay in good hotels and Youth-Hostels during the tour. All rooms with private facilities.
Departs: Sunday – Sunday. 1) June 20th – 27th. 2) August 8th – 15th


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Hadeland to Mjøsa - Along the Pilgrim´s Trail

The 640 km long Pilgrims' Way runs from Oslo to Nidaros. When Olav the Sacred died at the Battle of Stiklestad in 1030, he was made the patron saint o...

Hadeland to Mjøsa - Along the Pilgrim´s Trail

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