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Read more: Hike on Old Skjeggedalsvegen Photo: Jannicke Modell Røhmen


Hike on Old Skjeggedalsvegen

Go hiking in varied terrain on the old road from Tovdal over to Skjeggedal in Åmli, Southern Norway. A long time ago, this was the only road to Skjeggedal.
Read more: Trollenyken Photo: Making View



An embarrassment of riches You can either choose to eat your lunch pack and on an idyllic meadow, or up on the summit with sweeping panoramic views over the fjord and mountains - right in the middle of Nordfjord. The trip up to Trollenykjen near the town of Nordfjordeid will present you with at least two highlights. Halfway to the top, you’ll come across the beautiful mountain farm Skipenesetra. An hour later, you’ll be standing on top of Trollenykjen - with views over Hornindalsvatnet, Nordfjorden, as well as mountains in all directions. You almost feel overwhelmed with guilt when you’re on this peak. How is it possible to get so much out of  a couple of hour’s walk? Well, some mountains just give more than others.
Read more: Kvitingatn 1426 masl Photo: Hemsedal Turistkontor


Kvitingatn 1426 masl

From Hemsedal town centre drive to Tuv and take to the right into Grøndalen. Drive ca 8 km and follow signs to Harahorn. A sign with Kvitingatn will...
Read more: Skogshødn 1728 masl Photo: Hemsedal Turistkontor


Skogshødn 1728 masl

From Hemsedal town centre drive to Ulsåk and turn left towards Lykkja (signposted). Drive ca 10-12 km and look for the signpost to Skogshødn on the...
Read more: Bjøbergnøse 1468 masl Photo: Hemsedal Turistkontor


Bjøbergnøse 1468 masl

From Hemsedal town centre drive on main road 52 direction Lærdal to Bjøberg, ca 23 km. Park at the road station just before Bjøberg Høgfjellsgard....
Read more: Svarthetta 1553 masl Photo: Hemsedal Turistkontor


Svarthetta 1553 masl

From Hemsedal town centre drive to Tuv and turn right into Grøndalen. Drive through Grøndalen til Feten/Tubba and hold to the left into Bulien. At...
Read more: Hiking in the Setesdalsheiane


Hiking in the Setesdalsheiane

Experience Setesdal! A comprehensive network of marked footpaths exists in the Setesdal mountains. On both sides of the valley, you can hike in a...
Read more: Kløvstien Path-Trollstigen (858 m.a.s.l.) Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Fjordnorway


Kløvstien Path-Trollstigen (858 m.a.s.l.)

Kløvstien is an old road between Romsdal and Sunnmøre, and it was an important path before Trollstigen opened in 1936. The hike starts in Isterdalen...
Read more: Trysilrypa long trail


Trysilrypa long trail

The long Trysilrypa trail has a real alpine feel and offers amazing views when the weather is clear. Length: 13 km Total ascent: 322 m Highest point...
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