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Sør-Valdres, Cross-Country

The mountain, stretching from Vassfaret in Hedalen to Hellebekken, Ellingseter, Fjellstølen and Golsfjellet, is, with its more than 200 km of trails, t...


Cycling on the Hardangervidda

Cycling on the Hardangervidda brings you into beautiful and charming high mountain nature, Hardangervidda is Norway's largest national park.


Explore Norwegian Fjords: Stavanger-Bergen-Flåm-Oslo

Visit some of Norway's most spectacular fjords - Hardangerfjord, Lysefjord, Sognefjord and Oslofjord.
From £1,275 per person



The mountain farm Almelid is beautifully situated by the river in a wide corrie and consists of four buildings. This is an easy hike which takes about 45 minutes.


Ulriken - Fløyen ("vidden")

The tour between Mount Ulriken and Mount Fløyen is one of the the most popular tours in Bergen. You can start and end your trip by taking Ulriken Cable Car or Fløibanen funicular. Between these two beautiful mountains you can see the fjords and islands around Bergen.
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The name Sollidstølen means "the mountain farm on the sunny hillside", and the area is still used as summer grazing for the sheep at Farestveit . This is an easy hike which takes about 40 minutes.


The Castle

The gigantic block of mountain rock called The Castle gives you a magnificent view towards Mo and further out the Mofjord. It resembles a pulpit ascending 200 meters straight up from the fjord. Easy to reach on foot within 1 hour.



Otterstadstølen is a very picturesque mountain farm situated in a nature reserve. The forest surrounding the farm is the most western growing natural spruce forest in Norway. This is an easy hike which takes about 45 minutes.


Hiking trail Otterstad – Helland

A walk along the river. In Modalen you'll find a path stretching from the Mo Fjord to the mountain village Nygard – the first stretch on a well kept forest road along the Mo River.

Skei i Jølster

Summercafé in Stardalen

Stardalen Summer Café is located in Stardalen Bygdetun, which was built in 1995. Spacious, elegant locality on two floors. The café is located on the...
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