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Hovden i Setesdal

Security firm at Hovden

The security firm Våken Vakt A/S is police approved and located at Hovdetun in the centre of Hovden. Due to extensive newbuilding activities and a...
Read more: Lindesnes Bygg AS Photo: Lindesnes Bygg AS


Lindesnes Bygg AS

Lindesnes leading building company....
Read more: Contracting company PK Jegteberg

Hovden i Setesdal

Contracting company PK Jegteberg

The building contractor PK Jegteberg AS operates in the Hovden and Bykle region. The construction of cabins, apartments and industrial buildings...

Hovden i Setesdal

Landowner and property development company

The landowning company Uleberg ANS is engaged in property development in the Hovden region....
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Welcome to the silversmith in the centre of Valle. Our shop and workshop are located in a building constructed of logs in a traditional Setesdal...
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Grimstad Optikk

Norway's largest optician chain located in Storgt.26 in the city center of Grimstad....

Hovden i Setesdal

Building Contractor Johannes Væting

The carpenter who everybody knows by the name of "Pippen", has worked at Hovden for many years and is well acquainted with the region's harsh climate....
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