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Wednesday 12 Aug 2015 to Sunday 16 Aug 2015

Namsos Martnan

The biggest market in Namdalen with a lot of exhibitors having sales stalls outside. Entertainment and activities....


Thursday 20 Aug 2015 to Saturday 22 Aug 2015

Arts & crafts fair: Kunsthåndverksmarkedet

Every year more than 100 arts and crafts designers exhibit their works for sale in the bazaar halls behind Oslo Cathedral (Oslo Domkirke).Ceramics, je...


Monday 01 Jun 2015 to Monday 31 Aug 2015

Guided tour of Oslo City Hall

Free public tours in City Hall starting at the bottom of the stairs inside the hall. The tours last for approximately 45 minutes. The tours will usua...


Thursday 09 Jul 2015 to Sunday 02 Aug 2015

Rebella Hex


Wednesday 17 Feb 2016

Wiener Johann Strauss gala concert

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the Wiener Johann Strauss gala concert in Grieghallen....


Monday 17 Nov 2014 to Wednesday 30 Dec 2015

Theatre (No.): Julemiddag

Theatre in Norwegian....


Monday 21 Dec 2015 to Tuesday 22 Dec 2015

Christmas concert with Kurt Nilsen

Kurt Nilsen from Bergen won the Word Idol in 2004 and has since pleased the audience with his very distinctive voice.


Saturday 20 Jun 2015 to Sunday 09 Aug 2015

Foffa and Skrotnissen Skramle

Skrotnissen Skramle is making trouble!


Tuesday 11 Aug 2015

Øya Festival: Club Night

On the night before the Øya Festival starts in Medieval Park you can experience over 90 bands at a number of venues in Oslo. Club Night is free for eve...
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