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Read more: Exhibition at the harbour in Dalen


Exhibition at the harbour in Dalen

In the old house at Dalen harbour is a sales exhibition with art and handcraft....
Read more: Whetstones from Eidsborg


Whetstones from Eidsborg

Whetstone from Eidsborg is the oldest export article in Norway. With continuous production from the Viking era and up to around 1950, this activity...
Read more: Ripilen



Ripilen is an old mountain farm with much history surrounding it. It was here that "Draumkvedet" was written by Moltke Moe, in the tradition of...
Read more: Dalen Bed & Breakfast


Dalen Bed & Breakfast

Delphine Desmet and Olivier Vanderbruggen are pleased to welcome you in their specious house located in the beautiful Dalen. They would like to show...
Read more: Exhibition - Kaja Leijon


Saturday 28 Jun 2014 to Sunday 17 Aug 2014

Exhibition - Kaja Leijon

Leijon works primarily with film, photography and sound. She called her exhibition project 'At the same time'. Here she will work specifically with...
Read more: Exhibition - Lise Strømdal Bottolfs


Saturday 22 Nov 2014 to Sunday 04 Jan 2015

Exhibition - Lise Strømdal Bottolfs

Sculptor Lise Bottolfs from Kragerø will display an exhibition she has called 'micro Colossus'. She takes base in viruses and bacteria and enlarges...
Read more: Summerexhibition in Langesund


Saturday 28 Jun 2014 to Saturday 16 Aug 2014

Summerexhibition in Langesund

40 paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolor or guasj. Exhibitors: Lisbeth sternly Solbjørg B. Nilsen Nina Mo Bjorg Gjømle Gro Kolbjørnsen Halvor...
Read more: Exhibition at Gallery Valle Photo: Marit Kleppe / VisitGrenland


Saturday 14 Jun 2014 to Sunday 10 Aug 2014

Exhibition at Gallery Valle

Gallery at Valle is a tiny charming summer gallery situated by the water at the idyllic Valle near Porsgrunn municipality. In the summer of 2014,...
Read more: Fen Province GeoPark exhibition


Fen Province GeoPark exhibition

Fensfeltet Geological Exhibition is located on the second floor above the tourist information office in Ulefoss near the Ulefoss canal lock, and has...
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