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Read more: Fishing licence Haukelifjell - Havradalseigedommen Photo: Rauland Turist/Kåre Hovden


Fishing licence Haukelifjell - Havradalseigedommen

The fishing permit area of the Haukeli Association of Hunters and Fishermen includes the following lakes: Mannevasstjønn, Mannevatn, Holmasjøen,...
Read more: Fishing permit Rorgevatn East and Stavatjønn East, Øyfjell Photo: Rauland Turist/Aanon Lognvik


Fishing permit Rorgevatn East and Stavatjønn East, Øyfjell

Rorgevatn (715 m.a.s.l) in Øyfjell offers trout fishing. The fish are large, and it is not unusual to take fish weighing about one kilogram. The...
Read more: Fishing licence Lognvikvatn East, Rauland Photo: Rauland Turist AS/Vinje kommune


Fishing licence Lognvikvatn East, Rauland

Lake Lognvikvatn is not regulated and the deepest spot is 74 m (off Fundlid). The trout and char stocks are strong. Lognvik District Fishing...
Read more: Fishing permit Hardangervidda Photo: Rauland Turist AS/GL


Fishing permit Hardangervidda

The Vinje branch of the Hardangervidda Landowner’s Cooperative is trying to get as many members as possible to belong to a scheme of joint fishing...
Read more: Mountain and cultural walks Photo: Terje Rakke/Rauland Turist


Mountain and cultural walks

In cooperation with local organizations Vinje Municipality organizes guided mountain hikes with cultural themes. The hikes are all daytrips free of...
Read more: Fishing permit Møsvatn, Rauland Photo: Ove Bergersen/Rauland Turist


Fishing permit Møsvatn, Rauland

Møsstrond Landowner’s Association was set up in 1972 and currently has 46 members who control about 95% of the rights on and near this lake. Møsvatn...
Read more: Canvas hotel - sykkelferie Photo: Canvas hotel


Canvas hotel - sykkelferie

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because westop playing. (George Bernard Shaw) www.canvashotel.no We have designed a network...
Read more: Saga Camping - Boats for rent Photo: Arve Aarak


Saga Camping - Boats for rent

Saga Camping is located at the south end off Nisser, the largest inland lake in Telemark. Nisser is surrounded by lush forested hills and slate like...
Read more: Cycle rental at Raulandsfjell Photo: Terje Rakke/Rauland Turist


Cycle rental at Raulandsfjell

Raulandsfjell rents out bicycles, terrain cycles, child cycles and cycle trailers from May to October. Bicycle helmets are included in the rent....


Trail around Stokkevannet

The trail around Stokkevannet is adapted and checked Rugtvedt and Stokke well. Stokkevannet is an idyllic water after the ice age was below sea...
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