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Bølgen & Moi Ny-Hellesund

The old shipyard in Ny-Hellesund is a unique project in Søgne and culinary adventures and art will be a importent part of the shipyard.

Kristiansand S

Idda Arena

Kristiansand's new icehall, Idda Arena, contains an ice skating rink and a curling hall.


Sunday Café

Open café every Sunday, located by the sea at Romsviga

Kristiansand S

Sunday 25 Jan 2015 to Sunday 31 May 2015

International Worship Service

Welcome to International Worship Service every last Sunday in month.

Kristiansand S

Saturday 11 Oct 2014 to Sunday 15 Feb 2015

Art exhibition: 22 Women - An installation by Alfredo Jaar

Art exhibition at SKMU: 22 Women - An installation by Alfredo Jaar.

Kristiansand S

Saturday 31 Jan 2015

25-years anniversary show- Lindesnes Trekkspillklubb

25-years anniversary show with Lindesnes Trekkspillklubb at Kilden.

Kristiansand S

Wednesday 21 Jan 2015 to Thursday 05 Feb 2015

Musical: Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life

The musical Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life gets its European premiere at Kilden in January 2015!

Kristiansand S

Tuesday 17 Mar 2015

Lisa Williams

Kristiansand S

Thursday 16 Jul 2015 to Saturday 25 Jul 2015

Contemporary Dance Festival: Ravnedans

"Ravnedans" is a festival to celebrate the art of contemporary dance in Kristiansand.

Kristiansand S

Friday 13 Mar 2015 to Saturday 14 Mar 2015

Fargespill in Kristiansand - A musical art project

Fargespill Kristiansand is a musical art project where over 100 children and young people from 30 different countries do a colorful performance.
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