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Read more: Show: Alexx Alexxander Photo: www.alexx.no


Saturday 18 Oct 2014

Show: Alexx Alexxander

After sold-out performances in Oslo, Bergen and Tønsberg, Alexx Alexxander finally visits Trondheim with his show "Alexx Alexxander Illusions" at...
Read more: NSB Persontog Regioner Photo: NSB


NSB Persontog Regioner

Good national train connections, and daily arrivals/departures from Ostersund in...
Read more: Ringve Museum - Museum Shop Photo: Ringve


Ringve Museum - Museum Shop

Ringve Museum's Museum Shop has a wide selection of musical gifts for every age....
Read more: Salamander night Photo: SMN1


Salamander night

Made by Trondheim artist Kjell Erik Killi Olsen for Sao Paulo's biennial anniversary in Brazil in 1989. Comprises 72 sculptures, all of which are more...
Read more: Husfliden Trondheim Photo: www.norskflid.no


Husfliden Trondheim

Welcome to Husfliden Trondheim. Here you will find all kinds of norwegian arts and crafts, and of course the famous norwegian sweaters!...
Read more: Ravnkloa Fish Market Photo: Ravnkloa


Ravnkloa Fish Market

Trondheims traditional fish market in a new and modern environment. Try our fish and seafood in our nice café or take it home to prepare it yourself....
Read more: City Syd Shopping centre


City Syd Shopping centre

Central Norway's biggest shopping centre with 71 exciting stores. Good parking...
Read more: Café Nyfiken Photo: Nyfiken


Café Nyfiken

Nyfiken is a café with tasty Italian food and drinks at the best location at Solsiden in Trondheim. Café Nyfiken serves a variety of salads, pasta...
Read more: Festival: Regional Food Festival


Thursday 31 Jul 2014 to Saturday 02 Aug 2014

Festival: Regional Food Festival

The largest local food festival in Norway. Explore the flavours of the food from around the region....
Read more: Jentebølgen Photo: www.jentebolgentrondheim.no


Tuesday 03 Jun 2014


Jentebølgen is a 5 K run for girls and women. Entertainment at Solsiden from 17.30, and start at 19.00....
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