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Find providers and contact information Nature attractions in Sørlandet

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Fidjetun - Engesland - the Bailiff track

This old road starts at the old sawmill at Furholt on road no. 406 or at Vegusdal. Its an 8km walk through beautiful woodland on footpaths or gravel...
Read more: City walk in Kristiansand Photo: Anders Martinsen (c) Visit Kristiansand AS

Kristiansand S

City walk in Kristiansand

We recommend a city walk via the sophisticated Fish Market and lively restaurants, further via the Eastern Harbour with the Otterdal Fountain Park – a...
Read more: The Lista beaches Photo: Tore K. Haus


The Lista beaches

“Have you seen our beautiful beaches? Havikstranda, Lomsesanden, Kviljosanden, Hauestranda og Bausje – I can recommend them all! I use our beaches...



Public park area accessed via Hæstadsletta, (Høvåg stadion/ athletics park). Hæstadneset is a headland which sticks out into the Kvåsefjorden. Natural...



Paradisbukta (Paradise Bay) exists of Eastern and Western Paradise Bay. The Eastern part is in the Helleviga area with good hiking opportunities....
Read more: Røyknes - Kiledalen Photo: Anders Martinsen (c) Visit Kristiansand AS


Røyknes - Kiledalen

There are small differences in level along this section of the route. From Røyknes Cycle Route no. 3 follows the path of the old Setesdalsbanen...
Read more: Romsviga Photo: Torunn Kristiansen



Romsviga is an old coastal farm with several buildings. The place has a long history stretching back to the mid 1600's and was inhabited until the...
Read more: Homborsund Lighthouse Grimstad


Homborsund Lighthouse Grimstad

Homborsund Lighthouse is located on a small island by the Homborsund inlet off the coast of Grimstad. During the summer season, lighthouse hosts are...
Read more: Flakk round trip Photo: Birkenes kommune


Flakk round trip

Route description - the route is marked with signs and red triangles. It is 4,7 km long. This walk has been popular for many years. It varies between...
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