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Thursday 13 Aug 2015

Ole Børud

Ole Børud is considered to be one of the leading performers of west coast pop today. The concert is part of the 2015 Oslo Jazz Festival....


Wednesday 08 Jul 2015

Concert - Hans Fredrik Jacobsen og Tone Hulbækmo med sønnene Alf og Hans

Folksy tunes from the family band Jacobsen/Hulbækmo. Tickets can be bought in advance at the Arendal town hall, or at the venue....


Tuesday 07 Jul 2015

Paul McCartney pre-party

Get ready for the Paul McCartney concert with a pre-party at The Local, right next door to Telenor Arena. Here you get the music, the food and dr...


Quarries in Larvik

The beautiful larvikite is around 270 million years old. The big feldspar crystals are the most characteristic feature of this stone, giving it a glo...



Mølen in Brunlanes is a national treasure and one of Larvik’s most popular attractions. Mølen is Norway's largest beach of rolling stones, and it is...


Hedrum rural museum

Hedrum Rural Museum is a rural museum with oldies and goldies from the Hedrum village. Located in Kvelde in Lågendalen, it gives tourists a taste of t...


Larvik Museum

Larvik Museum is the historically rich and exciting town museum in Larvik. Larvik Museum is the town museum in Larvik with to arenas for visitors. Ver...


Vinje Kro og Veigrill AS, Åmot

Vinje Kro og Veigrill - The natural coffee-and eatingstop between East and West Norway.


Telemarkstunet by Rauland Academy

A collection of replicas of local traditional log buildings, filled with cultural activities.


The Beechwood

Bøkeskogen - The Beech Tree Forest - is Norway’s largest and the world’s most northerly beech tree forest. As comfortable walking trails invite you to...
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