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Read more: Rypejakt - Jotunheimen Bre og fjellføring Photo: Jotunheimen Bre og Fjellføring


Rypejakt - Jotunheimen Bre og fjellføring

From 15 September and through the Autumn we arrange trips to hunt grouse. Beating for mountain grouse in the high-mountain terrain is a memorable...
Read more: Tysnes Fishing-Guide


Tysnes Fishing-Guide

Big fish - lots of Fish? Fishing-Guide with 16 years experience offers fishingtrips from 350,-NOK/hour (for 1-3 pers., min 6 hours) incl. guiding and...
Read more: Hike from Ryvarden to Lyngholm Photo: Sveio Kommune


Hike from Ryvarden to Lyngholm

Ryvarden - Lyngholm 4 km, about 1.5 h. The hike goes north from Ryvarden through open coastal landscape with heather and rocks. Take the trip up to...
Read more: Bicycle: Stryn Town senter Photo: Terje Rakke/NL/FN


Bicycle: Stryn Town senter

Mini trips in and around the centre of Stryn town. Vikalida, Lindset and Lunde. Follow the old main road from the centre of town west...
Read more: Bicycle: Byrkjelo - Myklebustdalen Photo: Aud's cottage, Sandal Gard


Bicycle: Byrkjelo - Myklebustdalen

A great ride from Byrkjelo center to the beautiful Myklebustdalen. It is a bit climbing in the first part, but it is flat and easy along Sandal Lake....
Read more: Bicycle: Erdalen in Oppstryn Photo: EF/Reisemål Stryn & Nordfjord


Bicycle: Erdalen in Oppstryn

This trip is easy and relaxing, but you must allow for traffic on the main road. A certain amount of climbing furthest in the valley towards the end...
Read more: Bicycling in Lom Photo: Øyvind Wold


Bicycling in Lom

There are several possibilities to go by bike around Lom. The biking routes mentioned are mostly on smaller roads, without a lot of traffic. The tours...
Read more: Peaktours in Jotunheimen - Jotunheimen Glacier Guieds Photo: Jotunheimen Glacier Guides


Peaktours in Jotunheimen - Jotunheimen Glacier Guieds

Jotunheimen Glacier Guides can guide you to a long row of the highest summits of Jotunheimen. With our long experience and knowledge of the area, you...
Read more: Hike to Bjellandsnes Photo: Kåre Eik

Sunde i Sunnhordland

Hike to Bjellandsnes

Location Sunde Map Folgefonna National Park Topographical map series – M711, sheet 1214 IV – Husnes. Start and stopping point The parking lot at the...
Effort level
  • Medium
  • 2 hours
Read more: Hike to Aterstad and Tverrfjell Photo: Anne Kari Enes


Hike to Aterstad and Tverrfjell

Location Omvikdalen Map Folgefonna National Park Start and stopping point Landa Parking By the farm Landa, at the upper east side of the valley....
Effort level
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • 2 hours
  • 4 hours
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