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Read more: Bergen Card 48 hours Photo: Robin Strand


Bergen Card 48 hours

Explore Bergen practical and cheaper with the Bergen Card! Enjoy free bus travel within city limits, free admittance to most museums, attractions, sightseeing and parking.
NOK 260 per person
Read more: Concert with Bigbang Photo: Bergen Live


Thursday 18 Dec 2014

Concert with Bigbang

Concert with the popular Norwegian classic rock band Bigbang....
Read more: Concert with Highasakite Photo: Tonje Thilesen


Friday 24 Oct 2014

Concert with Highasakite

The Norwegian indie pop band Highasakite hit the sky with their debut album "All That Floats Will Rain".  After the SXSW Festival in Texas, USA, Time...
Read more: Concert with Susanne Sundfør Photo: Sofia Fredricks Sprung


Saturday 15 Nov 2014

Concert with Susanne Sundfør

Concert with norwegian artist Susanne Sundfør....
Read more: Christmas concert with Wenche Myhre Photo: Bergen Live


Saturday 13 Dec 2014

Christmas concert with Wenche Myhre

Christmas concert with the popular Norwegian artist Wenche Myhre. She will have a show with traditional as well as new Christmas carols....
Read more: Concert with Tomine Mikkeline Photo: Jan Henning Aase / Studio 1 fotografene


Thursday 27 Nov 2014

Concert with Tomine Mikkeline

The young artist Tomine Mikkeline from Bergen performs with her band....
Read more: Concert with Enslaved Photo: Bergen Live


Saturday 01 Nov 2014

Concert with Enslaved

The progressive black metal band Enslaved is finally coming home! They have toured around the world performing from their 2012 album "RIITIIR". At...
Read more: Concert with Silya & The Sailors Photo: Bergen Live


Friday 07 Nov 2014

Concert with Silya & The Sailors

Concert with the Norwegian artist Silya and The Sailors. Silya has become one of the best and most exciting artists in Norway in a very short time....
Read more: Concert with Veronica Maggio Photo: Bergen Live


Thursday 30 Oct 2014

Concert with Veronica Maggio

Swedish Veronica Maggio comes back to Bergen. She is one of the biggest and most interesting pop artists from the Nordic countries and has a special...
Read more: Concert with Monica Heldal Photo: Bergen Live


Tuesday 09 Dec 2014

Concert with Monica Heldal

Monica Heldal is a young artist from Bergen. She received great critics for her debut album "Boy From the North" and has done some marvellous concerts....
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