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Read more: Rosendal FjellStreif 2015


Saturday 08 Aug 2015 to Sunday 09 Aug 2015

Rosendal FjellStreif 2015

Festival with highlight on activity, local food and music. All in the beautiful village of...
Read more: Exhibition - Lise Strømdal Bottolfs


Saturday 22 Nov 2014 to Sunday 04 Jan 2015

Exhibition - Lise Strømdal Bottolfs

Sculptor Lise Bottolfs from Kragerø will display an exhibition she has called 'micro Colossus'. She takes base in viruses and bacteria and enlarges...
Read more: The Food and Harbourfestival


Friday 26 Jun 2015 to Sunday 28 Jun 2015

The Food and Harbourfestival

From June 26th- June 28th Halden hosts a big party - a Food- & Harbourfestival. The guest harbour is filled with new and old, big and small wood...
Read more: Show (No.): Lene Kongsvik Photo: Seefood


Wednesday 05 Nov 2014 to Saturday 28 Feb 2015

Show (No.): Lene Kongsvik

Stand-up comedy with the Norwegian comedian Lene Kongsvik....
Read more: Myklegard motel and road stop


Myklegard motel and road stop

Myklegard is situated between Hamar and Elverum at Rv. 3/25, where passers-by can enjoy a home made meal. The motel can offer 33 well-equipped rooms,...
Read more: Haugar Vestfold  Art Museum


Haugar Vestfold Art Museum

In Haugar Art Museum, right in the heart of Tønsberg, you can experience great art in the permanent and current exhibitions. For example: Andy Warhol...
Read more: Myklegard Roadside café


Myklegard Roadside café

Myklegard is located midway between Hamar and Elverum along Rv. 3/25. Our menu offes a large variety of homemade dishes, with the season's best...
Read more: Christmas night concert in Kristiansand Domkirke

Kristiansand S

Friday 19 Dec 2014

Christmas night concert in Kristiansand Domkirke

Christmas night concert in Kristiansand Domkirke December 19th.
Read more: Vulkan Photo: Finn Ståle Felberg



At the once industry-heavy bank of the river Akerselva, one of Oslo’s most interesting new city development projects, called Vulkan, has come to life....
Read more: Tjuvholmen Photo: Tjuvholmen KS/Finn Ståle Felberg



The area known as Tjuvholmen is a recent addition to Oslo's varied collection of boroughs. The buildings that make up the area are drawn by some 20...
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