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Read more: Herøy Coastal Museum Photo: Herøy Kystmuseum


Herøy Coastal Museum

The museum is situated at Herøy Gard, a former trading community and parsonage. Come and explore the trading community the way it looked in the...
Read more: Bindal Villagemuseum Photo: Erlend Haarberg


Bindal Villagemuseum

Bindal village museum is in Vassås, 3 km north-east of terråk. The museum contains buildings and objects from the 19th century. Bindal village...


Vassås Church

The church has been restored numerous times, most recently in 1983. Today the church is listed by the Norwegian Directorate of Cultural Heritage....
Read more: Helgeland Museum Vega Photo: Helgeland Reiseliv as


Helgeland Museum Vega

The Museum is situated in a wharfsie building at Nes, and documents the islanders’ unique tradition and their role as guardians of the migratory birds...
Read more: Nevernes Harbour Photo: Nevernes Havn


Nevernes Harbour

Permanent exhibition of objects and photographs, exhibition on World War II, special summer exhibition, theme days, etc. Information on Lomsdal-Visten...
Read more: Cavepaintings Photo: Erlend Haarberg



Cave paintings - in the Skåren-Monsen caves 6 km south of Brønnøysund. The paintings consist of 5 animal figures painted in red colouring (hematite)...
Read more: Petter Dass Kapellet


Petter Dass Kapellet

A beautiful chapel built in 1997 and decorated by wellknown artist Karl Erik Harr. The chapel was raised in memory of local poet and priest Petter...
Read more: Artscape Nordland- The County Borough of Alstadhaug Photo: Erlend Haarberg


Artscape Nordland- The County Borough of Alstadhaug

Alstahaug's contribution to Artscape Nordland is "House of Winds" by sculptor Sissel Tolaas, which was unveiled in 1994. She was inspired to create a...
Read more: Nordvika Old Trading Post Photo: Helgeland Museum


Nordvika Old Trading Post

The trading post lies in the centre of Dønna island, about 1,5 km noth of the municipal centre Solfjellsjøen. In its heyday in the 1880s, the post had...
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