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Friday 10 Jul 2015 to Sunday 12 Jul 2015

Streetcar, Rudskogen

Gatebil big summer festival has been the largest highlight for motor enthusiasts from all over the world! Racetrack for street and race cars Gatebil...


Wednesday 05 Aug 2015 to Saturday 08 Aug 2015

Frøya festival


Tuesday 07 Jul 2015 to Sunday 12 Jul 2015


It is primarily the atmosphere and the many small experiences that make UTIHAVET a unique event. UTIHAVET being held for the 8th time and as usual ther...


Thursday 29 Jan 2015 to Sunday 01 Feb 2015

Dance performance: The Guest

The acclaimed Norwegian choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen gathers 12 dancers who she has worked with in the dance company zero visibility corp. To...

Kristiansand S

Thursday 16 Jul 2015 to Saturday 25 Jul 2015

Contemporary Dance Festival: Ravnedans

"Ravnedans" is a festival to celebrate the art of contemporary dance in Kristiansand.



Brekick was established by the couple Anne Reidun Sørensen and André Øygard, who lives on Øygarden farm. Brekick tailors mountain and glacier tours fr...


Thursday 23 Apr 2015 to Sunday 26 Apr 2015

Caravan Festival 2015

This festival is a great opportunity to spend some funny days in your caravan both for a seasoned caravanner and for those who have a new passion of t...

Kristiansand S

Friday 13 Mar 2015 to Saturday 14 Mar 2015

Fargespill in Kristiansand - A musical art project

Fargespill Kristiansand is a musical art project where over 100 children and young people from 30 different countries do a colorful performance.


Glacier Walks on the Tystigbreen Glacier

Glacier walk on the Tystigbreen Glacier at Strynefjellet, near Stryn Summerski. You will be surrounded by breathtaking views. In every direction there...
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July - August


Friday 29 May 2015

Moana – the Rising of the Sea

Experience this captivating performance from Fiji! For anyone who lives on an island, surrounded by the deep, beautiful yet dangerous sea, it is a...
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