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Read more: Tingvoll Museum Photo: Tingvoll Museum


Tingvoll Museum

Tingvoll Museum is a 19th century farm with a magnificent view to three mountain ranges. The museum consists of nine well-equipped buildings,...
Read more: Theatre concert "Come Together" music by Lennon & McCartney Photo: Stavanger konserthus


Monday 13 Oct 2014 to Saturday 25 Oct 2014

Theatre concert "Come Together" music by Lennon & McCartney

By Cederholm & Brdr. Hellemann Music by John Lennon & Paul McCartney Seen by more than 160 000 and a huge success in Denmark, the Netherlands and...
Read more: Berger farm


Berger farm

In the beautiful and vibrant cultural landscape of Hvalstd, you will find Berger farm, situated in the live environment with good atmosphere and...


Gråfjellsveden and Rudjords Borgås, Lista

Effort level
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • 2 hours
  • Mountain
  • Forest
March - October
Read more: Svinvik's Arboretum Photo: Svinvinks Arboret


Svinvik's Arboretum

Svinvik's Arboretum – large and comprehensive collection comprising more than 500 rhododendron bushes, berry trees and other shrubs. Fine paths....
Read more: Sunndal Rural Museum Photo: Nordmøre museum


Sunndal Rural Museum

Leikvin Heritage Park is located at Grøa, 7 km from Sunndalsøra on the road to Oppdal on Highway 70. Consists of the Rural Museum, Philipshaugen,...
Read more: Old Kvernes Rural Museum Photo: Gamle Kvernes Bygdemuseum


Old Kvernes Rural Museum

Old Kvernes Rural museum consists of 11 old buildings with a large and varied collection, from different time periods. The mail yard by the museum...
Read more: Kvipt Gjestegard Guesthouse Photo: Kristin Persson VTNU


Kvipt Gjestegard Guesthouse

Here you will find: Tussestoga A new lafted dwelling with a middle-age design. Ceramics and handicraft workshop and sales outlet, gnomes and elves,...


Saturday 18 Oct 2014

Oslo Philharmonic: Holst - The Planets

Concert with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra at the Oslo Concert Hall Holst: The Planets Santtu-Mathias Rouvali: Conductor Knut Jørgen Røed...
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