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Read more: Mountain cruise to Mogen with M/B Fjellvåken II Photo: Ove Bergersen/Rauland Turist AS


Mountain cruise to Mogen with M/B Fjellvåken II

Join the passengerboat M/B Fjellvåken II on a cruise on Lake Møsvatn, 919 m.a.s.l
Read more: Evening skiing in Haukelifjell Skisenter


Evening skiing in Haukelifjell Skisenter

Evening skiing in floodlit hill at Haukelifjell Skisenter. Extra evening skiing days in winter- and easter holiday.
Read more: Moholt Ironworks


Moholt Ironworks

The ironworks at Moholt started operations in 1731 as a subsidiary of the larger ironworks at Larvik. Today, one can see the remains of a blast...
Read more: Lårdalstigen "Tøffare enn Besseggen" Photo: Jørgen Kasin/Visitdalen


Lårdalstigen "Tøffare enn Besseggen"

This is a fantastic footpath between Lårdal and Dalen. A large part of the walk follows the mountain edge up to 800 metres above the Telemark Canal.
Effort level
  • Challenging
  • Expert
  • 8 hours
  • Mountain
May - October
Read more: Haukeliseter fjellstue - mountain lodge Photo: Haukeliseter fjellstue


Haukeliseter fjellstue - mountain lodge

Haukeliseter lodge is situated at an altitude of 1000 m, above highway E134 just north of Ryfylke. Even though you can drive all the way up to the...
Read more: Gullsmed Sando Photo: Gullsmed Sando


Gullsmed Sando

Goldsmith Sando is a local goldsmith with many years of experience.
Read more: Christmas concert with Helene Bøksle


Friday 12 Dec 2014

Christmas concert with Helene Bøksle

Christmas concert with Helene Bøksle. Musicians Sindre Hotvedt - piano, Mark Little Haug Johnsen - guitars. Companion free with valid accompanying...
Read more: Concert with Highasakite


Thursday 30 Oct 2014

Concert with Highasakite

Since HIGHASAKITE released the album "Silent Treatment" in February, they have become one of Norway's most popular bands. 18-year age limit....
Read more: Gea Norvegica Geopark, Porsgrunn Photo: Gea Norvegica Geopark


Gea Norvegica Geopark, Porsgrunn

Faults and zones of weakness South of Porsgrunn, across Frierfjorden and further into Bamble by Herre, there is an extensive fault, the results of a...
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