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Read more: Nevernes Havn Photo: Nevernes Havn


Nevernes Havn

Nevernes Havn - Centre for coastal culture in Helgeland. A multicentre presenting local traditions within agriculture and fishing trades. Situated in...


Grønligrotta Cave

Grønligrotta is one of the largest and most visited caves in the Nordic region. This is also the only Nordic cave with electric lighting. A guided...
Read more: "The Elf Castle" - Artscape Nordland Photo: Erlend Haarberg


"The Elf Castle" - Artscape Nordland

This sculpture by Islandic artist Hreinn Fridfinnsson, which stands in the heart of the village, is Hattfjelldal`s contribution to Artscape Nordland....
Read more: Nordvika Old Trading Post Photo: Helgeland Museum


Nordvika Old Trading Post

The trading post lies in the centre of Dønna island, about 1,5 km noth of the municipal centre Solfjellsjøen. In its heyday in the 1880s, the post had...


Wangbrygga Wharf in Bardal

This old wharfside building was built around 1870. Once used for trade, the restored wharf now rooms a store-museum that contains objects from...
Read more: Artscape Nordland- The County Borough of Alstadhaug Photo: Erlend Haarberg


Artscape Nordland- The County Borough of Alstadhaug

Alstahaug's contribution to Artscape Nordland is "House of Winds" by sculptor Sissel Tolaas, which was unveiled in 1994. She was inspired to create a...
Read more: Nyksund - Museum Photo: Bård Løken


Nyksund - Museum

Nyksund was one of the biggest fishing villages in Vesterålen and Lofoten, with an interesting history and architecture. Visit the exhibition or take...
Read more: Eye in stone, Artscape Nordland Photo: Offersøy Feriesenter


Eye in stone, Artscape Nordland

The Artscape Nordland is an international art collection, which includes 33 pieces of art in as many municipalities. The Artscape Nordland arose in...
Read more: Gallery Espolin Photo: Galleri Espolin


Gallery Espolin

Norway's largest collection of the works of pictorial artist Kaare Espolin Johnson (1907-1994). The history of art is conveyed in an unforgettable way....
Read more: Arctic Light Photo Safari Photo: Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen


Arctic Light Photo Safari

The Arctic Light! So much more than the midnight sun and northern lights.. You can enjoy the midnight sun  from the quayside at Fjordcamp from late...
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