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Oksevågen Landstasjon

Oksevågen Landstation - Oksevågen has a recent history of whaling, including the legendary whale hunter, Svend Foyn. Whaling in Norwegian Lapland was mainly run from land-based stations, such as in Oksevågen, where a 3-metre long steam boiler still dominates the landscape. A waymarked trail takes visitors from a picnic area with information board, through the world’s northernmost birch forest and to Oksevåg Landing Station. The history of this area forms a part of the “Footprints in the North” project.


Tromsø Day Cruise

A cruise around Tromsø Island just to join the view from the sea. If you are lucky you can see white tale eagles, small dolphins and seals. Coffee, tea and snakcs served on board. From the 21th of November until the 21th of January we got a very special light in the Northern part of Norway. It is called the blue light season. That is because the sun is completely gone and there is only 3 hours with daylight. That will show up especially beautiful from the point of the sea.

Northern Lights and Dogsledding

Exclusive dogsledding in the Norwegian-Russian borderlands - with dinner and the hunt for the Northern Lights! Pick up in Kirkenes, giving you a guided tour into the Pasvik Valley, with stories about our unique fauna, nature and history.


Ore mines

In Bjørnevat, approx. 10 km outside Kirkenes, you will find the ore mines – the foundations of the municipality’s industrial history. You will also find the tunnel where the local population took shelter during World War II air raids in the same area. The rallar monument to the mine workers and music pavilion are proud monuments located in the heart of the mining town.


Nordkappmuseet – Maritime Museum

Do you wonder how people have managed to survive at 71° North for 10,000 years, or what you live off of on the Arctic coast? Would you like to know more about Honningsvåg, Magerøya or about what it was like to be a tourist visiting the North Cape in the olden days? Maybe you are interested in art? Then the North Cape Museum is the place for you! We have a cosy atmosphere and personal guided tours in Norwegian, English, German and French. Guided tours to the temporary power plant “Tirpitz” by appointment during the summer.

The NCE Afternoon Boat Trips

Spend the brightest hours of the day at sea on our fishing vessel, see the North Cape from its base and catch your meal!


Riksvei 888 - RV888

Road RV888 - The stretch of road from Bekkarfjord to Hopseidet forms a link between the inland and coastal parts of the municipality, and is Norwegian Lapland’s newest and best road. RV 888 follows a mountain ridge, with fabulous views in all directions, travelling through what almost seems like a granite desert. Take time to stop off at one of the many fishing lakes along the road, and make the most of the scenery at the viewpoints in Torskefjorddalen and at Reinoksevann lake.


Lonavannet lake and Øksnevadtjern nature reserve

Nature and cultural path with information boards on biotopes and cultural sites. Birdwatching tower. The path is 5 km long and follows both sides of...



Revtangen and the area by Orrevatn lake are known for their rich and varied bird life. Just within Revtangen, by Rv507, Stavanger Museum has a tagging...
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