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Read more: Øitangen Feriested Photo: Kragerø Sentrumsforening


Øitangen Feriested

Øitangen Holiday House is surrounded by beautiful nature in the north-eastern part of Jomfruland. It consists of tree houses and a boathouse. Outside...
Read more: Kragerø Swimming Pool Photo: Kragerø Kommune


Kragerø Swimming Pool

Kragerø Swimming Pool - The place for training and well-being! Kragerø Swimming Pool has various offers for men and women in all age. Each day of...
Read more: Wåsjø Putballpark AS Photo: Reisemål Kragerø


Wåsjø Putballpark AS

We can offer putball (football golf), sand volleyball, sand handball and sand football. Opening hours: Self-service or with appointment Prices:...
Read more: Stangnes Photo: Kragerø Sentrumsforening



Entirely out by the sea, farthest of Levang Stangnes lies. In the end of 1600s the government and the local authority bought the property as a...
Read more: Kragerø Art Association Photo: Kragerø Kunstforening


Kragerø Art Association

Kragerø Art Association welcomes you to exciting exhibitions on the second floor at P. A. Heuchs Gate 6. Our association was established in 1935, on...
Read more: Sannidal Bygdetun Photo: Kragerø Turistkontor


Sannidal Bygdetun

The large sandbank in Western Sannidal was made by the thick glacier that covered Norway about 10,000 years ago. It has given the village the name. It...
Read more: Photography and painting in Kunsnerkvarteret


Saturday 28 Jun 2014 to Saturday 09 Aug 2014

Photography and painting in Kunsnerkvarteret

Photography and painting in the Arts Quarter! Sales exhibition with Joachim Thorsen and Marit Sølie Gallery and Photo Studio -...
Read more: Join MS Nordstjernen the Constitution Convoy 2014


Monday 14 Jul 2014

Join MS Nordstjernen the Constitution Convoy 2014

Join MS Nordstjernen the Constitution Convoy 2014! The tour starts from Bergen to Oslo. Coming to Kragerø this day July 14. Join Kragero to Oslo or...
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