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Tuesday 22 Sep 2015 to Sunday 27 Sep 2015

Ørland Bluesfestival

15 year anniversary with top artists from home and abroad. Orland Blues Club has quickly earned a name in the blues community in Norway. They conduct...


Sunday 25 Oct 2015

Charlotte Audestad Trio

Charlotte is described as a verbal unikum, and has a female voice satirical look at life and its challenges with enormous talent and text voluble humor...


Saturday 12 Sep 2015

Hitra Ritter

The most beautiful adventure in autumn at Hitra are the Hitra Ritter. One ride in a 46 km long trace with both exercise- and racing classes and another...


Fredmoen Salmon Fisherman's Lodge

Fredmoen Salmon Fisherman's Lodge was built inn 1900 by English sports fishermen, Today, this place is salmon fishing museum and facility for private...


Roan Church

Roan church is also called The Fosen Cathedral. It was built in 1702. Both altarpiece, pulpit, epitaph and chalice is very old, the oldest piece is dat...


Ørland Culture Centre

Ørland Culture Centre includes a cinema, library and tourist info....


Historical village at Utro

Historical village at Utro. Old fishing settlement. Typical buildings for small settlements in the area during the 19th century....


Sea Geyser Slumperova

Sea Geyser Slumperova. Off Eian in Roan. Described by Italian Francesca Negri in 1664. Can be up to 20 m high on days with wind from the northwest....


Fjeld Setergrend

Fjell Moutain Farms. Settlement dating back to 1559. Annual traditional Mountain Farm Day first Sunday in august....


Nøkkelhaugen, Uthaug

Large burial mounds from prehistoric times. Probably South Trøndelag's largest burial mound from the prehistoric era - with a diameter of 40 meters a...
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