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Hestnesfjellet cave

Hestnesfjellet cave is a tourist attraction and probably the most famous natural cave on Hitra. The cave is 10 m deep. Excavations in 1909 revealed tha...


Finnvær lighthouse

Finnvær lighthouse is located on Valøya, within Froan nature reserve. The lighthouse was opened in 1912, and automated in 1985....


Sletringen lighthouse

Sletringen lighthouse was completed and lit in 1923. This replaced a smaller lighthouse who was built in 1899. The lighthouse is the tallest in Sca...


Terningen lighthouse

Terningen lighthouse was established in 1833. The lighthouse consists of a twelve-meter high concrete tower, and has a headlight of 17.8 meters. This g...


Hitra church

Hitra church is  located on Melandsjø, Hitra. It was inaugurated on 15 December 1927. The church is built in local stone on a square plan, with clock t...


Dolm church

Dolm church is the oldest existing building in Hitra. The church is originally from the late Middle Ages and replaced an older, small church from the...


Stokkøya sjøsenter

At the Beach Bar we want to give you a unique taste experience. Our skilled and experienced staff create a new menu every day based on the daily ca...


Thursday 06 Aug 2015 to Saturday 08 Aug 2015

Frøya festival

The opening concert on Freya Festival 2015 is with Ole Paus Trio in Sletta Church. Other Norwegian artists you vil find in the program is De Lillos a...


Friday 07 Aug 2015 to Sunday 09 Aug 2015

Coastal days in Lysøysundet

Under Coastal days in Lysøysundet we can experience music, dance, singing, arts and crafts, fluttering sails and sea salt. Special activities for kids....


Tuesday 07 Jul 2015 to Sunday 12 Jul 2015


It is primarily the atmosphere and the many small experiences that make UTIHAVET a unique event. UTIHAVET being held for the 8th time and as usual ther...
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