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Read more: Hiking in Balestrand


Hiking in Balestrand

In Balestrand there is a network of fine and varied hiking trails. Please apply to the Balestrand tourist office and we will help you with information...
Read more: Gondola & Guided Hike Photo: Oppdal Booking


Gondola & Guided Hike

Get off to an easy start on your hiking! Take the gondola to the top of Skjørstadhovden at 1125 meters above sea level, and begin your guided trip...
Read more: Hiking trail Otterstad – Helland Photo: Magne Sandnes


Hiking trail Otterstad – Helland

Map: Modalen og Stølsheimen (1:60 000), Matre (1:50 000) Starting point / end point: Otterstad by Trohaugen – Helland. Round trip. Parking: By the...
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Motødna – Mostølen

Estimated time: 20 min to Motødna. 4 h round trip via Mostaølen. Grading: Red, some extra challenging parts, not suitable for children. Difference...
Read more: Nedstavatnet og Skavlabu


Nedstavatnet og Skavlabu

Estimated time: 1,5 hour round trip. 5 hours one way to Skavlabu. Grading: Red moderate +. Difference in altitude: 5-240 5-900 meters. The trail to...
Read more: Hiking Bjørgefjell


Hiking Bjørgefjell

About the trip Several different hiking trails in the cultural landscape of the Bjørgefjell mountain area. Beautiful landscape with great viewing...
Read more: Tofjellet Photo: Stavanger Turistforening



Your short walk will be rewarded with a great view! Tofjellet (722 m) is a landmark when you are driving from Tau and descend the Tveitebrekka slope...
Read more: Guided tour of the Old Town

Gamle Fredrikstad

Guided tour of the Old Town

The Old Town in Fredrikstad is Scandinavia's best preserved fortress town, founded by King Fredrik II in 1567. If you are interested in history, a...
Read more: Around Sogndalsdalen


Around Sogndalsdalen

The trip is around 80 km long and approximately 4500 meters altitude difference totally. The trip is demanding and requires fairly nice weather with...
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