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Read more: Searching for Huldra Photo: Turid Lindseth


Searching for Huldra

SEARCHING FOR HULDRA (a wicked Norwegian fairy who appears as a beautiful girl to seduce shepherds). This is Hardangervidda Mountain Guiding`s most...
Read more: Lysefjordsenteret - Qauy Photo: Reisemål Ryfylke


Lysefjordsenteret - Qauy

Lysefjordsenteret has its own private quay for recreational boats, sightseeing boats and larger crafts. There is an outdoor pound, which shows the...
Read more: Rica Victoria Hotel Photo: Peder Austrud AS


Rica Victoria Hotel

Rica Victoria Hotel is centrally located in the Olympic town on the popular main pedestrain street "Storgaten". The town is known for its charming old...



"Victoriastuen" restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and...
Read more: Oslo Open 2014: Open art studios Photo: Oslo Open


Saturday 26 Apr 2014 to Sunday 27 Apr 2014

Oslo Open 2014: Open art studios

Oslo Open is an annual event where artists in Oslo make their workspaces accessible to the general public. Guidet tours in Norwegian are available,...
Read more: Ranglerock Photo: Ranglerock


Friday 11 Jul 2014 to Saturday 12 Jul 2014


The Ranglerock Festival is an annual rock festival that takes place in the small town of Bryne, located on the west coast of Norway. Usually arranged...


Saturday 21 Jun 2014

Nordmarka Forest Marathon

Normarka Forest Marathon is one of the biggest and best marathons in Norway. The start/finish of the course is on the grounds of Norges...
Read more: Norway Chess 2014 Photo: Region Stavanger BA


Monday 02 Jun 2014 to Friday 13 Jun 2014

Norway Chess 2014

Norway's first supertournament in chess. Norway Chess 2014 will be one of the strongest super tournaments ever. Magnus Carlsen and other top range...
Read more: Guided Tour at Rød Herregård


Guided Tour at Rød Herregård

Rød Manor is one of the finest and best preserved manors in Norway, with carefully restored buildings, a baroque garden and an English landscaped park....


Thursday 24 Apr 2014 to Sunday 27 Apr 2014

Skateboarding/BMX: Oslo Games 2014

Oslo Games is an arena event inspired by the big American competitions like X Games and Street League, but with a more playful approach. PROGRAMME:...
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