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Read more: Concert with First Aid Kit Photo: Bergen Live


Saturday 06 Dec 2014

Concert with First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is a Swedish folk duo. Their 2008 You Tube video cover of the song "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" by Fleet Foxes spread their name...
Read more: Concert with Mew Photo: Bergen Live


Monday 10 Nov 2014

Concert with Mew

The Danish alternative rock band Mew visits Bergen. Over the last ten years, Mew has positioned themselves as one of the greatest rock band in the...
Read more: Concert with The Savage Rose Photo: Bergen Live


Friday 03 Oct 2014

Concert with The Savage Rose

The Savage Rose is a Danish psychedelic rock group founded in 1967. They have just released a brand new album "Roots of the Wasteland" that has...
Read more: Concert with Audrey Horne Photo: Tommy Næss


Saturday 11 Oct 2014

Concert with Audrey Horne

Audrey Horne is a hard rock band from Bergen formed in 2002. Their fourth album, Youngblood, has received great critics. It was also listed as album...
Read more: Concert with Hellbillies Photo: Bergen Live


Friday 05 Dec 2014

Concert with Hellbillies

The Norwegian country rock band Hellbillies visits Bergen on their tour around Norway. They have resently released a live album, "Levande Live", where...
Read more: Høvåg Museum Photo: Høvåg Museums- og Historielag


Høvåg Museum

Built around the year 1700, presents a large number of old utility articles from the old Høvåg. The mill at Isefjær, Kornbrekke Saw Mill between Trøe...
Read more: Høvåg Church Photo: Else Rønnevig


Høvåg Church

Originally a 10 m long stone church dating back to approximately the year 1000. In 1767 expanded to twice its original size. In 1831 a wing was added...
Read more: The Kassen canal Photo: Else Rønnevig


The Kassen canal

The summer of 95 the Minister for the Environment, Thorbjørn Berntsen, opened the Kassen canal in Høvåg. A beautiful canal providing a new gateway...



This is a timber house dating from about 1730, used for customs and excise from 1838. The building was listed for preservation in 1991....
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