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Read more: Fossadn Photo: Suldal Reiselivslag



Fossadn is a beautiful waterfall situated near Gullingen in Suldal, Ryfylke. Fossadn is next to the main road Fv 632, just a couple of kilometres from...
Read more: Kvanndalen - hike Photo: Elin Tjordal Haugen


Kvanndalen - hike

The walk to the mountain cabin Kvanndalen is popular amongst families. Kvanndalen is open for accomodation and a day-visit and operated by the...
Read more: Marvik - hike Photo: Marvik Landhandel


Marvik - hike

Simple, but nice stroll through Marvik. A considerable ascent to the main road of the peninsula, but its worth the effort as the view over the town...
Read more: Snønuten - hike Photo: Hessel Haker


Snønuten - hike

Snønuten (1606 m.o.s.l.) is the majesty of the SVR Ryfylkeheiane nature reserve and the fifth highest mountain in this part of Norway. With its...
Read more: Barkåsen - hike Photo: Hessel Haker


Barkåsen - hike

The viewpoint of the coastal town of Jelsa - Ryfylke's best preserved pearl on the fjord. Go right on the top of the hill by the school. Pass the...
Read more: Grytenuten - hike Photo: Bjarte Skipevåg


Grytenuten - hike

Grytenuten is a high summit to be located so far out towards the coast. It therefore has a trully splendid view over most of Ryfylke, Haugalandet,...
Read more: Stranddalen - hike Photo: Stavanger Turistforening


Stranddalen - hike

Stranddalshytta mountain lodge is the pearl of the SVR Ryfylkeheiane nature reserve. It lies beautifully on the shores of a high mountain lake. In the summer months, it is fully serviced and a good bed and warm meal await you!
Read more: Salmon Safari - a nature adventure Photo: Mo Laks


Salmon Safari - a nature adventure

Fitted out with a survival suit, snorkel and mask, you commence the salmon safari by floating freely along with the powerful current of the...
Read more: Ritlandsvatnet - hike Photo: Elin Tjordal Haugen


Ritlandsvatnet - hike

A lovely walk on the forest road by Ritlandsvatnet to Vassbotn, continues on a track through Bydalen to the public road. The vegetation is plenty...
Read more: Erøy - hike Photo: Frank Hondsmerk


Erøy - hike

Turn off toward Erøy just north of Erfjord Bridge on Rv13, National Tourist Route Ryfylke. We recommend two walks suitable for the whole family along...
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