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Read more: Rosendal FjellStreif 2015


Saturday 08 Aug 2015 to Sunday 09 Aug 2015

Rosendal FjellStreif 2015

Festival with highlight on activity, local food and music. All in the beautiful village of...
Read more: Winter Stolstice at Odderøya Photo: Midt-Agder Friluftsråd

Kristiansand S

Sunday 21 Dec 2014

Winter Stolstice at Odderøya

Walking at beautiful Odderøya.


Wednesday 22 Oct 2014 to Sunday 21 Dec 2014

Guided tour of Bogstad Manor (No.)

Guidet tour of Bogstad Manor in Norwegian....
Read more: Tour for children at Helleviga in Søgne Photo: Midt-Agder Friluftsråd


Thursday 04 Dec 2014

Tour for children at Helleviga in Søgne

Midt-Agder Friluftsråd invites the children to qualify as St.Claus/ the Norwegian Nisse.


Saturday 03 May 2014 to Saturday 06 Dec 2014

Children's activities

Children's activities at the Munch museum. Instruction/guiding in Norwegian....


Wednesday 06 Mar 2013 to Wednesday 03 Dec 2014

Guided tour (No.): BabyScream

Guided tour in Norwegian for people with babies....


Tuesday 22 Apr 2014 to Tuesday 16 Dec 2014

City walk (No./Eng.): Discover Harry Hole's Oslo

Jo Nesbø's character Harry Hole is a genuine Oslo patriot. Follow in his footsteps through the streets of Oslo, to the places that Hole frequents: the...
Read more: 4 mountains walking tour Photo: CN/Innovation Norway


Sunday 31 May 2015

4 mountains walking tour

Join a walk on four of the seven mountains surrounding...
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