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Place: Gjøvåg Start: Gjøvågskrysset crossroads Parking: Along the FV 83 road Waymarking: Information board at the car park,signposted and waymarked acc...



One hot panorama In the old days if there was ever danger afoot, people would often light a bonfire on the summit of Ytrehornsnakken. The view from the top will certainly ignite the passions of those who take the trip today. Ytrehornsnakken was a "veteplass" in old times, which basically means that due to its open views and the fact that it was relatively easily accessible by forest, this summit was an appropriate place to warn people of danger by lighting a bonfire. Nowadays people still alert their friends and neighbours from the top, from their phones or cameras with tempting panorama pictures of Nordfjord’s nature at its best. The hike up is easy, just under 450 meters up from Grodås by Hornindalsvatnet (Hornindals Lake). An ideal place to ignite the hiking flame for the younger climbers.
Effort level
  • Medium
  • Mountain
  • Forest
May - October



Good vibes on Traudalsnibba What is about Traudalsnibba that makes the crazy locals build a cabin just below the summit? Well, the view for one. The highest peak near Sandane in the innermost part of Gloppenfjorden offers an extraordinary mountain experience. Just before you reach the summit there’s a surprise in store, namely Nibbehytta (the Nibbe cabin). This is a cosy cabin built by enthusiasts after the old one was blown away by the wind, a place where you can find some shelter if you don’t want to head back down to the valley straight away. After all, it is easy to stay up there when your mood is at its peak.
Effort level
  • Challenging
  • Mountain
June - September


Bjerkeli Activities

Go on a nature adventure with Bjerkeli Villmarksopplevelser! This is the ultimate natural adventure, bringing you close to nature and the thrills you...


Salmon Safari

This is a chance to see wild salmon in their right element, free.  You will never forget this once in a lifetime experience.


Pipo Playgrounds

Indoor playground, outdoor mini ATV cross, Walk og the water, pedal boat, beach, enjoy a snack or drink in our parents´ area and internet café.


@Snowmobile safari to the East coast-Spitsbergen Travel

The trip takes you through the characteristic natural beauty of Svalbard, over wide plains and narrow valleys


The Arctic Sailing - Northern lights, Fishing and Glacier

A luxurious Katamaran (45 foot Lagoon Sailingyacht, flybridge, two Saloons) will serve as accomodation for the 3 days. With departure from Tromsø, you will sail to the fascinating Alparea, the Lyngenalps.


Airboarding in Dagali Fjellpark

Dagali Fjellpark is one of very few places in Norway that offers airboard, a controllable air mattress for use on snow. The airboard has grooves on the underside and you conntrol it with your body weight. Our ski lift is authorized for airboard, so yor take the lift to the top and run down the alpine slopes.


Aurora Lights and Dogsledding

Now you have the chance to drive your own dog-sledding team, while experiencing the wilderness in the Lyngen Alps. The guide will give you a few tips on how to drive your team of dogs, before heading of from the “basecamp” in Svensby.
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