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Read more: Vardefjellet 819 moh


Vardefjellet 819 moh

Vardefjellet (819 m.a.s.l.) is one of four summits surrounding Brokke, offering spectacular views. The hike starts at Brokkestøylen, along the...
Read more: Heljedalsnosi Photo: A. Hauge



Easy hike through open mountain terrain to lovely viewpoint.
Read more: The summit - Nos Photo: Anders Martinsen Fotografer

Hovden i Setesdal

The summit - Nos

Hovdenuten- 1209 m.a.sl The higest of the summits, marked from Hovden centre. Follow the river "Otra" upstream on gravel road to " Hovden...
Read more: NØSAKAMPEN 1449 masl Photo: www.valdresibilder.no


NØSAKAMPEN 1449 masl

Length: approx. 2.5 km one way Duration: approx. 1.5−2 hrs. up Altitude difference: 550 meters Suitable for children: from 5-6 yrs. Follow road E16...
Read more: GILAFJELLET 1582 masl Photo: Julia Helgesen



Moderately demanding walking (no climbing or scrambling) ascent. Fine view over lakes and mountains. Botanical Conservation Area. In poor sight it is difficult to find the route on the mountain plateau.
Read more: SKJØLD 1577 masl Photo: www.valdresibilder.no

Vang i Valdres

SKJØLD 1577 masl

Length: ca. 4.5 km one way Duration: ca. 1.5−2 hrs up Altitude difference: 460 meters Suitable for children: from 6-7 yrs. Follow the E16 to Vang...
Read more: Øvrebø – Huarplassen - Skormagjelet Photo: Liv Byrkjeland


Øvrebø – Huarplassen - Skormagjelet

The hike starts at Øvrebø, with steep terrain up to Huarplassen. The view is magnificent! There are no dangerous areas.  At Huarplassen one can...
Read more: Hill Hike in Grimstad


Hill Hike in Grimstad

Climb the hills surrounding the town, and see Grimstad from different angles.
Read more: Løefjell 934 m.o.h


Løefjell 934 m.o.h

Løefjell (934 m.a.s.l.) is one of four summits surrounding Brokke. It offers a spectacular view of Brokke and the landscape conservation area Setesdal...
Read more: Bertesknapen, 652 m.o.h


Bertesknapen, 652 m.o.h

The highest summit in the original municipality of Evje, recognizable by the white dome of the approach radar for Kjevik Airport, Kristiansand. The...
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