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Norsk Havbrukssenter AS - come and experience farmed fish close up!

Come and experience farmed fish close up, control underwater camera and and participate in the feeding of fish.


Airboarding in Dagali Fjellpark

Dagali Fjellpark is one of very few places in Norway that offers airboard, a controllable air mattress for use on snow. The airboard has grooves on the underside and you conntrol it with your body weight. Our ski lift is authorized for airboard, so yor take the lift to the top and run down the alpine slopes.


Norway's longest toboggan slope

Are you looking for fun and excitement the toboggan trail in Dagalifjell Park is an excellent playground. The track is 1,850 meters long and consists of straight stages and curves. The custom built sleds can reach a speed of 70 km/h.


Monday 29 Dec 2014 to Tuesday 30 Dec 2014

Night tobogganing

Join us for a night of tobogganing in the lights of headlamps....


Nordkapp Camping

We offer you nice cottages, bungalows and double rooms at Nordkapp Camping only 24 km before the northernmost point of Europe - the North Cape Plateu. You find us at 71 01 629 N / 25 53 335 E.
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Fjällnäs Est.1882

The accommodation in Fjällnäs is very important to us. The solid workmanship, thoughtful architecture and the presence of nature are the hallmarks of...


Sunday 28 Dec 2014

All But Kings

All But Kings went from being jamming buddies to being a complete band in the pop/rock genre. Jonas Aas - guitar, Erik Sundet - vocals, guitar, Christ...


Kafé Skuret

Open from mid April to end of September. Weekdays from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Friday & Saturday 11:00 to 2:00 Quiz every Tuesday at 19 For booking o...



Eidsverket is an estate with a 250-year long history, located in Bjørkelangen, in Aurskog Høland, less than an hours drive from both Oslo and Gardermoe...


Wednesday 31 Dec 2014

New Year's Eve party

New Year's party at Jaeger with DJs g-Ha & Olanski, Nils Noa, Mc Kaman, and Jan Steigen....
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