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Read more: Hike to Svelgabreen glacier Photo: Svein Magne Tunli


Hike to Svelgabreen glacier

Location Blådalen. The south end of Folgefonna Map Folgefonna National Park Start and stopping point The parking lot 150 meters before the end of...
Read more: Hike to Nordlifjell Photo: KLV


Hike to Nordlifjell

Location Rosendal. Map Folgefonna National Park Rosendal Turgruppe’s route map. Start and stopping point Bjørke. Parking By Kvinnherad church...
Read more: Vigdalen - Vigdalstøl Photo: Visit Sognefjord


Vigdalen - Vigdalstøl

If you take north from the signpost at the strarting point, you can follow a short and easy trail to the DNT cabin at Vigdalstølen. From Vigdalstøl...
Read more: Tysnessåta from Dalen Photo: Magne Ove Kleppe


Tysnessåta from Dalen

Tysnessåta from Dalen Altitude difference: 753 metres  Estimated time: 2.5 hours, 8 km Walking map: Tysnes 1:50 000 Starting point: Car park in...
Read more: Hike in the Fuglefjell


Hike in the Fuglefjell

Start on the gravel road at Raa by E39. Walk along the road aboute 1 km until you get to a sign showing a road to the left leading into dence woods....
Read more: Hiking in Trollheimen - Home of the Trolls Photo: Terje Rakke/nordic life


Hiking in Trollheimen - Home of the Trolls

Innerdalen has frequently been called Norway's most beautiful mountain valley. The valley resembles a cathedral, dominated by the 1,394 meter...
Read more: Glos - hike Photo: HH


Glos - hike

Great walk for the entire family to the top of Glos, an outcrop 560 m.o.s.l.. Here you have all of middle Ryfylke at your feet and you see all the way...
Read more: Flørli stairs - hike Photo: Hessel Haker


Flørli stairs - hike

Hike for tough people! The Flørli stairs have 4.444 steps and is one of the longest wooden staircases in the world. The staircase follows the...
Read more: Eventyrgarden Huso - Company outings


Eventyrgarden Huso - Company outings

Welcome to the Huso company outings, whether you are going on a course, seminar leader or pleasure trip. We offer accommodation in high standard...
Read more: Familytour to Auenhagen at Golsfjell Photo: Gro Hjelmen


Familytour to Auenhagen at Golsfjell

Auenhaugen located at Golsfjell Fjellstue/Auenhauglia west of Gol and is 1119 meters above sea level. Auenhaugen is in the Top 11 - the summit for the...
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