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"Olav - Viking and Saintly King"

Historic day trip for groups Join us on an exciting journey and discover the secrets of Nidarosdomen combined with "etargilde" in the long house Stikla...


Monday 23 Nov 2015 to Wednesday 23 Dec 2015

"Pre-Christmas" at Gulburet

Head to Gulburet, and get into the Christmas spirit. There are good opportunities for some Christmas shopping in the farm shop at Gulburet and Gla...


"Radio-cave" war

Radiohòla (literal: the radio cave) is a natural shelter used by the Norwegian resistance during the second world war. It served as a hiding place for...


"Stiklestad Summer"

Stiklestad It was here, at Stiklestad, that the Viking king Olav Haraldsson fell in a battle against the peasants and minor kings on July 29, 1030. Sho...


"Stovesjappa" local store

A local grocery store with the most important items you need. Here it is also possible to buy Ljosland Fjellstove's local products and homemade bread.


Saturday 28 Nov 2015

"Straumjul" (Christmas market)

10.00 - 16.00: Christmas market in Hastadgården. Market with food and drinks, gifts, art and hand crafts. 11.00 - 13.00: Pony driving. Iselin will be...


"The churchyard by the ocean"

The cholera churchyard is best known as “The churchyard by the sea,” a composition by Fartein Valein. The churchyard is about a 20-minute walk along a...


Friday 11 Dec 2015 and Saturday 12 Dec 2015

"The Elton Show"


"The flower path"

There are several walk trails at Blomsterveien road in Rygge that cover the entire region.

Hovden i Setesdal

"Tusseland", the children's ski area

"Tusseland" is the children's own ski area with easy descents, special children's pistes and fun activities. The area has platter lifts and a magic car...
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