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Vik i Sogn

Hopperstad Stave Church

Hopperstad stave church from 1130 is one of the oldest and biggest stave churches in Norway.

Vik i Sogn

Hove Stone Church

Hove Church, dated to the end of the 12th century, is the oldest stone building in the Sogn region and probably one of the oldest in the country.

Storjord i Tysfjord

Tysfjord Museum Korsnes

Museum Nord – Divtasvuodna/Tysfjord, Korsnes The Outer Tysfjord Folk Museum is situated at Korsnes in Tysfjord Municipality. Korsnes has been designat...


Arran Lule Sami Centre

A national centre featuring a museum and exhibitions on Sami culture, language, history and ethnicity, a language section with distance education, Sa...


Brødrene Johansen Skyssbåter

Brødrene Johansen’s boats are available for any type of passenger transport: Passenger transport assignments Fishing trips in Tysfjorden, which is abou...


Audna river

Approximately 35 km of the River Audnaelva is suitable for salmon angling and has plenty of good pools, rapids and small waterfalls.

Kristiansand S

Friday 06 Mar 2015

Concert: Black Debbath + Lonely Kamel

Academic stoner -rock, sold out twice on Rockenfeller and now they come to Kristiansand and Østsia! Cover: 180/230 NOK(student/non-student)

Kristiansand S

Saturday 02 May 2015

Concert: Susie & the Spuds

Kristiansand S

Saturday 28 Mar 2015

Concert: MK's Marvellous Medicine

Fresh and funky rythms mixed in with instrumental talent and good lyrics.

Kristiansand S

Saturday 21 Mar 2015

Concert: Paal Flaata

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