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Saturday 25 Jan 2014 to Saturday 30 Aug 2014

Club: Oslo Soul Experience

Club concept aiming to promote quality danceable American soul & funk from the '60s, '70s and '80s. "Leiligheten" is a separate room by the rooftop...
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Kristiansand S

Friday 12 Sep 2014 to Friday 19 Sep 2014

Christianssand Protest festival - Ignorance is the enemy

A protest against impotence and indifference, inspiring for engagement and action, against categorisation in the community, the one-track market...


Eidsvoll Museum

Eidsvoll museum is the following places. Eidsvoll bygdetun, Feiring Jernverk, Eidsvoll okkupasjonsmueum and Bodinsmia. Different themes duringer the...
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Hovin i Telemark

Kamerina Kulturverksted

Kamerina Kulturveksted is a versatile cultural company with vision to create and disseminate the culture of casual and formal, where music, sound,...
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Saturday 05 Apr 2014 to Saturday 04 Oct 2014

FreeMarket at the marketplace

FreeMarket at the Halden marketplace today. Do you have something to sell..? For reservation of own stand please contach: aktivitet@handelihalden....
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Monday 04 Aug 2014

Concert with Steel Panther

A small piece of Hollywood will be served at USF Verftet when Steel Panther visits Bergen for the first time. The band has released three albums so...
Read more: Klubben - hike to Talgje's highest point


Klubben - hike to Talgje's highest point

On Talgje, the southernmost island of Finnøy, you will find several good hikes. Rich soil and a mild local climate have made the island's vegetation...
Read more: Landasteinen Photo: Gudmund Rørheim



Landasteinen is a well known landmark on Finnøy. It is a large rock around four metres tall, and was placed on the edge of a hill during the ice age....
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