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Monday 26 May 2014 and Tuesday 27 May 2014


A fairy tale about bridging the gap of xenophobia. FRIKAR Dance Company is known for mixing traditional Norwegian dance with contemporary expressions....
Read more: The Fjords - fjordcruise and fishing on your own! Photo: Inge Hatlebrekke


The Fjords - fjordcruise and fishing on your own!

Enjoy the fjords on your own, or as a part of a small intimate group. With TSMY Weller, a 50- foot yacht, you have the possibility of setting your...
Read more: Exhibition: Face to face - grim medieval pottery


Friday 27 Sep 2013 to Wednesday 14 May 2014

Exhibition: Face to face - grim medieval pottery

New life to old shards! Bryggens Museums is proud to present the great, grim English Grimston-pottery from the Middle Ages. Most of the pottery found...
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The glacier route - Veitastrond

This spectacular cycle route is connected to the Sognefjord Cycle Route in Hafslo. From there you can bike alongside the lakes - Hafslovatnet and the...
Read more: Solvorn - Setålen – Fjellstølen – Solvorn-nipa Photo: Liv Byrkjeland


Solvorn - Setålen – Fjellstølen – Solvorn-nipa

Hike overview Solvorn –Setålen: Solvorn-Setålen is a hike that takes about 1 hour. Start by following the old farm road until you meet the forest...
Effort level
  • Expert
  • 8 hours
June - October
Read more: Dalsdalen - Vigdalstøl Photo: Torkjel Solbraa


Dalsdalen - Vigdalstøl

From the starting point the trail cross the river near the deserted farm Kilen and continue a bit steep uphill towards Kilali. The trail passes...
Effort level
  • Challenging
  • 5 hours
  • Mountain
June - October
Read more: Humour festival: Jeff Dunham Photo: www.grieghallen.no


Tuesday 22 Apr 2014

Humour festival: Jeff Dunham

The world famous American ventriloquist and stand-up comedian Jeff Dunham visits Bergen with a brand new show....
Read more: Concert with Veldig Respektable Menn Photo: Madam Felle


Friday 03 Oct 2014

Concert with Veldig Respektable Menn

The band Veldig Respektable Menn does a tribute to the Kinks....
Read more: Concert with Purple Heep Photo: Madam Felle


Saturday 26 Apr 2014

Concert with Purple Heep

Purple Heep is a local band playing music by Deep Purple and Uriah Heep....
Read more: Dara O'Briain Photo: Stageway AS


Wednesday 23 Apr 2014

Dara O'Briain

The "Live at the Apollo" star, Irish Dara O'Briain, visits Bergen for the first time....
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