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Read more: Rosendal FjellStreif 2014


Saturday 09 Aug 2014 to Sunday 10 Aug 2014

Rosendal FjellStreif 2014

Read more: Vangssago Sawmill Photo: Kjartan Pettersen


Thursday 10 Jul 2014 to Saturday 09 Aug 2014

Vangssago Sawmill

The old Vangssago sawmill is located at the entrance to the Stone Park. It features a water wheel in operation and demonstrates how it can power a...
Read more: Daytrip from Bergen to romantic Rosendal Photo: Bjarne Øymyr


Daytrip from Bergen to romantic Rosendal

Experience the Hardangerfjord and Rosendal with its mountains and waterfalls! The boat trip from Bergen to Rosendal takes you on a journey through a...
Read more: Sunnhordlandstunet - Leirvik Photo: Bjørn Arve Lunde


Sunnhordlandstunet - Leirvik

Sunnhordlandstunet farm, cluster is situated a few minutes´ walk up the hill from the centre of Leirvik, or by car from Sæ. It consist of eleven old...


Haaheim Gaard

On Haaheim Gaard, food and tastes a passion. Food with history and local ownership is central to every event we have. Haaheim have gardener who...
3 course menu: 485-550 kr.
Read more: Langfoss - Summit hike Photo: Espen Mills


Langfoss - Summit hike

The path up along Langfoss was originally the old mountain road from the Eljarvik farm to Langfoss støl (mountain farm), located on the plateau above...
Effort level
  • Challenging
  • 3 hours
  • Mountain
  • Fjord
All year
Read more: Skånevik Blues festival Photo: Skånevik Bluesfestival


Thursday 03 Jul 2014 to Saturday 05 Jul 2014

Skånevik Blues festival

Every year this festival gathers the best of Norwegian and international blues elite. Experience the magnificent music in the wonderful fjord...
Read more: Summer show in Fitjar Photo: Fitjar Fjordhotell


Friday 23 May 2014 to Saturday 05 Jul 2014

Summer show in Fitjar

It’s the fourteenth year that the summer show in Fitjar is being put up. There are about 4000 guests in the tent each year....
Read more: The Etne market


Thursday 31 Jul 2014 to Sunday 03 Aug 2014

The Etne market

The biggest market of its kind in the west of Norway with 30000-40000 guests year round. More than 200 sails exhibitions within arts and crafts,...
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