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Find providers and contact information Services in Bygland, Bykle, Evje Og Hornnes, Valle

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Read more: Broadband supplier - Bykle Breiband Photo: Bykle Breiband

Hovden i Setesdal

Broadband supplier - Bykle Breiband

Local broadband supplier offering Internet, TV and telephone via high-speed fibre cable. Supplier of IT support services, server solutions etc. to...

Hovden i Setesdal

EXBO Estate Agency

Exbo is an estate agency with seven offices in the southern region of Norway. In addition, the local skiing resorts are represented with two sales...
Read more: Electrical Contractor Knut Hovet Photo: Destinasjon Hovden

Hovden i Setesdal

Electrical Contractor Knut Hovet

Knut Hovet is your local electrician at Hovden. We have a thorough local knowledge about the Hovden area, and have served customers here since the...
Read more: Sparebanken Sør, Evje


Sparebanken Sør, Evje

The Evje branch of the savings bank Sparebanken Sør is centrally located in Evje, with another branch in Bygland. We provide banking and insurance...
Read more: Service provider - Bjørnevatn hytteservice Photo: Torleiv Løyland


Service provider - Bjørnevatn hytteservice

The cabin service provider Bjørnevatn Hytteservice takes on jobs such as cabin inspection, maintenance or snowmobile transportation of your luggage...
Read more: Security firm at Hovden

Hovden i Setesdal

Security firm at Hovden

The security firm Våken Vakt A/S is police approved and located at Hovdetun in the centre of Hovden. Due to extensive newbuilding activities and a...
Read more: Contracting company PK Jegteberg

Hovden i Setesdal

Contracting company PK Jegteberg

The building contractor PK Jegteberg AS operates in the Hovden and Bykle region. The construction of cabins, apartments and industrial buildings...

Hovden i Setesdal

Landowner and property development company

The landowning company Uleberg ANS is engaged in property development in the Hovden region....

Hovden i Setesdal

Building Contractor Johannes Væting

The carpenter who everybody knows by the name of "Pippen", has worked at Hovden for many years and is well acquainted with the region's harsh climate....

Hovden i Setesdal

Electrical Contractor - Elpunkt, Hovden

Electrical contractor with office and warehouse at Hovden. Available for large and small projects. Member of the Elpunkt chain, a collaboration...
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