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Read more: Kvarøy Sjøhus Photo: Kvarøy Sjøhus


Kvarøy Sjøhus

With the sea right outside your door, it's easy to get close to nature. You might go out and try your luck at fishing with good friends, go swimming...
Read more: Langfjell Gård Photo: Langfjell Gård


Langfjell Gård

Join a trek from Langfjell mountain farm to beautiful Umbukta mountain lodge. Two day trek with plenty of experiences and great food. You can also go...
Read more: Bjerka Camping Photo: Bjerka Camping


Bjerka Camping

Activities like boat, canoeing or bike riding is possible. Newly renovated sanitary buliding with washing machines and tumble drier. 8 new top modern...
Read more: Grønligrotta Cave Photo: Grønligrotta


Grønligrotta Cave

This is also the only Nordic cave with electric lighting. A guided tour takes visitors several hundred metres into the mountain and takes around 45...
Adult 130NOK Children 90NOK
Read more: Husfjellet - Top tour for all with fjord view Photo: Frank Husselage


Husfjellet - Top tour for all with fjord view

Through luxuriant vegetation, then scree and great mountain terrain over the timber line, you reach a pass high diving into Steinfjorden. From where...
Effort level
  • Medium
  • 5 hours
  • Coast
  • Fjord
Read more: Fiskarbondens Stue Hiking - Holmevannet Photo: Ruth Nilsen


Fiskarbondens Stue Hiking - Holmevannet

Intermediate mountain hike including wide vistas in the fjord area of Nordreisa. We start at Sæterheimen, 4 km from Bakkeby and hike North towards...
Read more: Deep-sea fishing Mefjord Brygge, Senja Photo: Mefjord Brygge, Senja


Deep-sea fishing Mefjord Brygge, Senja

Mefjord Brygge lies just nearby some of the best fishing spots along the Norwegian coast. The cod comes from the Barents Sea passing just outside...
Read more: Fiskarbondens Stue Hiking - The Pilteri Track Photo: Åsbjørg Hammersborg


Fiskarbondens Stue Hiking - The Pilteri Track

The trail leads you along the forested banks of the Rotsund River. There are nice places to rest by the river, but you will need a licence in order to...
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