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Along the old Valdres railway (34 km return)

Cycling along the old Valdres railway, on asphalt roads from Fagernes Camping to Bjørgo. Suitable for families with children. Level Easy. Descriptio...
2 Pers/three nights NOK 3595,- incl bicycle rent and fully equipped apartm.


Fløtenhovda round trip (40 km)

LEVEL: Moderate ROUTE: Fløten-Gauklia-Brattåsen-Tyrisholt-Langestølen-Furuset-Fløten This route will take you past traditional summer mountain farm a...


Saturday 17 Jan 2015 to Saturday 06 Jun 2015

Theatre (No.): Life Game

A mix of improv theatre and talkshow. In Norwegian. Tickets at billettservice.no....


Thursday 28 May 2015 to Friday 05 Jun 2015

DUB Leviathan!

‘Emergency Response Theatre’ for the future. In this project Tore Vagn Lid presents a scenic album in a cross-pollination of stage play, radio play a...


Wednesday 18 Mar 2015 to Thursday 11 Jun 2015

Theatre (No.): Morgon og kveld

Monologue based on Norwegian writer Jon Fosse's acclaimed novel Morgon og kveld ('morning and evening'). Performed in Norwegian. Tickets at nationalt...


Thursday 15 Jan 2015 to Wednesday 10 Jun 2015

Theatre (No.): Kalvø

Solo show with the popular Norwegian comedian Are Kalvø. In Norwegian....


Wednesday 14 Jan 2015 to Thursday 28 May 2015

Theatre (No.): Natten er dagens mor

Swedish playwright Lars Norén's modern classic Night is the Mother of day. Performed in Norwegian. Tickets at nationatheatret.no....


Saturday 07 Feb 2015 to Wednesday 10 Jun 2015

Theatre (No.): Revisoren

Nikolai Gogol's famous comedy The Inspector General. Performed in Norwegian. Tickets at nationaltheatret.no....


Tuesday 16 Jun 2015 to Monday 31 Aug 2015

Musical (No.): Verdiløse menn

Theatre/musical by Norwegian multi-artist Christopher Nilsen, based on music by the late rock poet Joachim Nilsen. Performed in Norwegian.  Tickets at...
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